Thursday, July 11, 2013

What We Can Choose

So much in life we cannot choose
We ought not sulk or brood
For all the things we cannot change
We choose our attitude

The gray and gold we all must bear
In our allotted part
Our attitude molds and reveals
Reflections of the heart

Take heed for now the unknown spills
In mute half-breath unfolding
We cannot choose life’s good or ill
In moments we are holding

But for all that we cannot choose
We ought not sulk or brood
For everything that comes our way
We choose our attitude

© Janet Martin

I’ve heard men boast with bloated chests at what ‘they own’.
Beware; we have what God allots to test who we become…
We cannot judge by the facade of things, life’s ill or good
We all go by the grace of God; we choose our attitude

A comment on my previous poem We Cannot Choose let me to contemplate the things we have control over and I was stunned to realize that we do not really have control over anything...but our attitude.  

 All go to one place; all are of the dust and all go to dust again. Eccles. 3:20

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