Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Of Preludes and Parting

Morning, you murmur on midnight’s mute hem
Threading the skyline in whispers red-gold
Soon you will crown noon’s azure diadem
Ere, dusk surrenders its swoon to your hold
Giver and taker of summer’s high note
Maestro of anthems that tongue cannot sing
You place you music in nature’s glad throat
While we loiter long in its rhythm and swing
For beneath our laughter we know full well
This is the prelude to summer’s farewell

Wild with extravagance you preen the rill
Sketching the etching of pristine tree-top
Softly you spill silhouettes to the hill
Muting earth’s palette in heaven’s backdrop
Tempest of greeting and parting unite
Up from the east, down from north, west and south
Darkness dissolves in your tremor of light
Polestar of summer melting in your mouth
We cannot keep you; your distraction swells
In passionate prelude to fondest farewells

Summer; God’s love-song to soften the miles
Leading to autumn and winter’s duress
Kindly the visage of Providence smiles
There are no seasons to His tenderness
Over the valley in shimmers of mist
He strikes the timbrel of this first-last day
We cannot leave it crumpled and half-kissed
Thus we toss our silent sorrow away
This is the hour of living full well
Tasting the prelude to summer’s farewell

© Janet Martin

This morning parting is on my mind...parting of a favorite month and parting of friends that fly back to Africa tomorrow.

Every page of middle-age
is turning way too fast
Live, laugh, love, we know the truth
Summer will soon be past!

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