Friday, July 5, 2013

Living in the Middle...

This morning yesterday's 'undone' greets me as soon as I step into the kitchen!

As the dawn breaks and we persuade our feet
To return once more to tasks left undone
As the clock ticks its staid, staccato beat
Expanding moments beneath rain or sun
We are not simply enduring its bliss
No, it is something much better than this

As life’s call reverberates through our senses
Tugging us into its sleek moment-tide
We tread the rubrics of its recompenses
Not simply to suffer a home-spun joy-ride
We should remember beneath toil’s routine
We form the echo of ‘what once had been’

As we embrace this new grace-gifted dawning
We are not merely employing its space
Here in the shadow of heaven’s cloud-awning
We shape the pictures that our thoughts will trace
Oh, what a blessed opportunity
To live in the middle of a memory

© Janet Martin

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