Friday, July 12, 2013

Fresh Cup

A fresh cup of Unknown tilts gently to earth
Dawn softens the skyline of this new day’s birth
We are sojourners ‘neath hope’s gleaming sail
And cannot sit dormant within its travail

We touch the tools of our trade to the soil
Trusting One greater to measure our moil
In His hand life’s unknowns are shaped to our need
Testing our babble and trying our greed

Will laughter or heartache spill from heaven’s grail?
Before evening renders its somnolent veil
Who will have passed from this life to the next?
And who will remain to be tempted and vexed?

A fresh cup of Unknown employs mercy’s will
Goodness and grace in divine portions spill
We touch the tools of our trade to the sod
Plow to the furrow and glory to God

© Janet Martin

It seems every day there is a new tragedy in our community. A young mother dies suddenly of an aneurism, a 15 yr. old boy is missing in rushing stream,(my nephew's classmate),  a young man dies who, a few days prior, asked his girlfriends’ dad for permission to propose, body of Erin (waitress in local restaurant) found in the Grand River, another young man killed on his way to work, floods, and on and on…we NEVER know what a day will bring, but we know in Whom we have believed and He is able…

Without heartache we would not seek hope

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