Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 Mom, are you making lunch or am I? Emily asks. Oh, I will in a minute, I reply, but I just saw the word Hereafter and it sparked something!...(they have ceased to wonder why:) or ask any questions.

I know I will return
In reverie to gently yearn
To touch again this lovely day
Slipping away, away, away

I shall smile a bit
As by the fireside I sit
To tenderly recall this hour
Falling, falling, a faded flower

I shall know that I
Lingered because it is July
And far too soon it disappears
Drifting, drifting in yester-years

© Janet Martin 

 Victoria and Emily toss pea-pods to the neighbors cows. Sisters chuckle as cows chomp:)

Gardening can be so discouraging! We got a few large bowl fulls of peas but I hoped for a lot more. It's been too wet and as the plants began to bloom they just sort of died.


  1. Great shots...Victoria looks a lot older there with her hair up:)
    My pea plants are great but there isn't many peas really. I'm thinking it's too hot.

  2. It is definitely hot... and dusty! just got in from Dave's pool. forgot to close windows and it seems big tractors have been hauling something past our house all afternoon! The floor is GRIT! cleaning time;(


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