Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Earth's Treasure-trove

Pearl, amethyst and ruby
Emerald and garnet gems
The colors of the rainbow
In July-diadems
How pretty is the treasure
That dazzles summer’s girth
We pluck its priceless measure
From troves beneath the earth
A little rain and sunshine
A little scuff of hoe
A little bit of patience
To watch these treasures grow
And then, oh gladsome morning
When labor yields its worth
As we glean from the garden
Grace-treasures of the earth

© Janet Martin

We had a fresh-from-the-garden lunch today!


  1. Nothing like the harvest of what we've planted, nourished by earth and sky. So nice!

  2. I was thinking today that my vegetable's are not prize-winning but they are like our varied life-joys and sorrows; worth something because their mine!


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