Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love Laughs...and Cries

She tells us she’s engaged
Proudly showing her ring
We hug her saying ‘wow, oh my’
Then we laugh
And cry

She counts the weeks, days, hours
Until the big day
And we all try to be happy while
We laugh
And cry

Time dashes through households
Stealing ribbons and curls from little girls
As we scold, hug, hold, sigh
We laugh
We cry

She shows me the song they’ve chosen
For their wedding
And she tells me why
And I laugh
And I cry

Love is life’s moment-music
Heart-beat percussion in perfect time
While we flounder, free-fall, fumble and fly
We laugh
And cry

© Janet Martin

Yes, love laughs and cries. When Emily announced her engagement Victoria hugged her and cried. Yesterday a neighbor/friend dropped in and she told me she feels so guilty for feeling so sad that Emily won’t live here anymore. On Saturday morning I hugged my middle daughter who is up north at a kid’s camp for a week, smiles with tears… Last week while my sister’s kids were here I clutched at sorrow tugs; at how BIG every one is getting and I had moments of quiet tear-wiping. Just now Emily showed me the song they chose for their ceremony and she explained to me why, then they laughed as they turned to see me listening to it and wiping a river of tears from my face so I start laughing too…love can me such a mess sometimes:0

Yesterday at lunch I noticed that barely a minute passed that Victoria didn’t glance up at Emily…(this pic is blurry but I had to take it quick before they noticed me. )


  1. Ohh so hauntingly lovely. I can't go there yet...Victoria will be okay:) Praying..L~

  2. just thought of E A Guest's line...The golden thread in the warp of life, Are the sorrow tugs at your heart.

  3. love that poem by Edgar. It's a fun time but bitter-sweet.


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