Monday, January 31, 2011

Common Ground

My dear, we all stand on the same brink
On the edge of a common abyss
There is none who can say
Tomorrow there will certainly be that or this…
There is no one so rich that he has been given
Power to see beyond this moment
There is none so poor that that he is immune
To the morrows grace or its torment
We are kindred-spirits in this regard
In the longing with which we love
Or in the love with which we long
We are bound by the chord of mortality
There is none so strong or wise that he can know
What mystery lies
Beyond the present ebb or flow
And so here we are joined
As we stand on the edge of the unknown
We are one, there is no one alone
Who can see what tomorrow will be
Or how far is eternity
But only this…
Who ever we are and wherever we go…….
God is


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heaven's Artistry......

How does one justly draw with pen
The gifts of God bestowed to men?
And yet it doth quite drive me mad
To leave its pure delights unsaid
Immersed in heaven’s artistry
Surrounded by His poetry……

In the west a blazing fire lies
On tinted snow from coral skies
As in the east a deep blue surge
Over cold, blue fields converge
North winds sweep across the plain
Where once we frolicked in the rain

Then, as night lets its curtain down
The sky becomes a dazzling crown
And all that humble man can do
Is wonder, at this awesome view
As God displays above the earth
A glimpse of another universe……..

The North Star, like a sparkling gem
Gleams upon the velvet hem
Of rolling waves in purple-blue
Shadowing a lofty avenue
As the Painter in glorious perfection
Manifests Himself in heaven’s reflection


I was treated to a feast for the eyes tonight
while dropping my daughter off at a friend’s house.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Of Choices...............

She mimicked me……
Index finger on her lip,
Middle finger under her chin
Face drawn in concentration………
I hadn’t noticed her on the other side
Of the van door, looking in
I had waited for what felt like
An eternity
In a mother’s busy day
And I got lost in depths of thought
Somewhere along the way

She asked me,
What are you thinking about?
I paused a moment, then replied
I’m thinking about ‘choices’
How lives become what we decide……..
Let’s take something as simple
As the food we eat
Do we choose food that is healthy
Or rich and sweet
Do we care for our bodies
Like a finely-tuned machine
For choices, seemingly hidden
Do not remain unseen…..

I was thinking about your father and I
How the things we choose
Will help to shape your thoughts and life
…….your version of lies or truths
And how my parents chose for me
In all those moments, tiny on their own
Yet when melded together
Becoming my memories of home…..
How choices made over and over
Become habits
Shaping who we are…….

Slothful or helpful,
Foolish or wise
A mere twinkling of the eyes
Yet the impact of moments
And endless choices
Become memories
And lifetimes,
The echo of voices
Playing back to us
In the still of the night
All of our choices
Whether wrong or right
Never affect only one solitary life
Our choices spawn goodness
Or evil and strife
Molding generations
And future voices
Oh, the incredible impact
Of choices
When our Maker knocks
What will our answer be?
This choice unlocks
The door to eternity


I don’t think this answer was quite what she was expecting:)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

When Love Dies.......

When love dies……..
Nobody cries
Or stands with head bowed
In solemn silence
When love dies
There is no grave at which to weep
Where we bring our blooms to heap
Upon the cold and silent shell
Of one whom once we loved so well
When love dies there is no pronouncement
Or official hour of death
There is no memorial or announcement
No ashes scattered ‘cross the earth
Or sea; but there are memories
Of days when love was there and love was fair
Ah, true love is a fortune rare
And must be valued and handled with prayer
Because when love dies
The light in warm eyes
Grows cold and dim
And gone is the vim of the fairer day
Of when love was young; but dearer they
That love when raven locks turn gray
And hold the hand, wrinkled and worn
That they have grown to love much more
Than when their hands joined, soft and smooth
In the blissful dance of youth
When love dies it’s like the fading
Of a picture on the wall
A slow and subtle jading
No one sees it die at all
Until the cold, dark sorrow
Flows from sad and hungry eyes
What a lonely cross to carry
When love dies….
Say ‘I’m sorry’
Say ‘I love you’
Say the things you long to tell
Listen to the words of loved ones
Listen long and listen well
Take a moment, take an hour
These will be a lifetime soon
Love will be the radiant flower
When its song is out of tune
Love, for there’s no greater gift
That anyone can give
And everyone needs to be loved
Before they truly live
How cold the crypt of faded love
In ruins as it lies
Beneath the starless vaults above
Where nobody cries
When love dies…….


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Four Best Words......

Tender little soft pink cheeks
Blue eyes and warm arms
Every night I am
The lucky victim of her charms
Girly-giggles, bed-time wiggles
I say, ‘time to sleep’
Bed-time prayers and teddy-bears
Good-night dear, sweet dreams

As I turn to leave her room
She whispers ‘I love you’
And I can say these four best words
“I love you too”
In order to say these four words
Someone must first say three
And I am so very blessed
To have them said to me


I recalled this poem today
which I posted on frontporch a year ago.....

Every morning as they head out the door
with their 'good-bye mom, I love you'
I am reminded of HOW BLESSED I am
to be able to reply with

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 'Winter Garden'......

I miss my little heaven-plot
Which now I wander in my thought
With flowers perfectly maintained
In breezes soft, no muscle strained
Forgotten is the tangled mass
Of last years phantom paradise
Forgotten are the weeds and woes
That every seasoned gardener knows
I see beneath the snowy hearth
The bosom of a waiting earth
Knowing soon will come the hour
Where she will bear her radiant flower
And I will linger in the eve
Where all the shades of summer weave
A fragrant shoulder, gold, pink, blue
Its robe an ever-changing hue
Of daffodil, larkspur, jasmine
Of rose, lily, and columbine
Of bloom in all its varied form
Gracing summer’s tender arm
Oh yes, I miss my heaven-plot
Of violet and for-get-me-not
So now, a-wandering I go
Past this frozen white plateau
To a shoulder, earthy, warm
Where I’ll rest on summer’s arm


Well, January is just kinda dissolving into
thin air......if this trend continues we will be
up to our elbows in dirt saying 'I can't believe it's spring
already!'...before we know it!!!
So I will enjoy strolling through my 'winter garden'
In my winter garden everything is always PERFECT!!!!
No weeds, no blisters..........m-m-m-m!!:)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Crossing My Mind

You crossed my mind today….
Not as some do, in a tip-toeing sway
But crashing through
Every carefully erected barrier
There you were….
Smiling and teasing
A charm to be sure…….
And I handled you
In the very same manner
As those who blow through me
Like a breeze in the summer
I gave you exactly the same measure of care
I caressed you tenderly in a prayer



Why do we, with thoughts down-cast
Pine for gardens clearly past
Today, on out-stretched palm we see
A brand new opportunity
To pluck a rare and treasured hour
This, our fair and fragile flower
This, a grand and glorious day
Like a bloom, soon fades away
And all that will be left behind
Is its soft fragrance on the wind………..


Writing on the Wall

Words take time......

Time is what we give to the things and people we care about.......

The things and people we care about need our time.....

.....and our words.

Silence takes no time at all.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Down the midnight lane with you
I have strolled a time or two
With no other sound at all
But our muffled foot-steps fall
And I almost feel the grip
Of your fleeting finger-tips
And I almost see your smile
Gee, but it has been awhile
And I almost hear the rain
Dashing ‘gainst my window-pane
And I almost see the light
In your green eyes burning bright
And I almost feel the flame
In the echo of your name
The sky is almost perfect blue
…..and I almost thought of you……..


Saturday, January 22, 2011


How much of God we tend to miss
If we are immune to heaven’s kiss
Blind to the shadow of His hand
Moving across sky, sea and land

Have you seen it?
His hand behind the pale ring of the new moon
Have you heard it?
Beneath a frozen brook, hope’s muffled tune
Have you felt it?
Wonder stirring as you gaze upon a fragile rose
Have you tasted it?
The keen wind weeping salty tears as it dips and flows
Have you wept it?
As you see the naked corpse of summer silently lie
Have you walked it?
The road of tear-worn memories ‘neath a painted sky
Have you been mesmerized by a Presence in the thread of dawn?
Have you been taken by the whisper of a small cloud, far-blown?
Have you paused mid-step, completely spell-bound
By a miracle sprouting from the sun-parched ground
Have you been comforted by the tender murmur
Of rain softly falling in a midnight summer
Do we move like mummies wrapped up in life’s shroud?
Oblivious to love screaming from the silent cloud
Oh, how much of Him we tend to miss
If we are numb to heaven’s kiss


Friday, January 21, 2011

Second-hand Lions......

Save your firsts for me, if you please
Second-hand lines are fine
For others...........
but for me, darling, you see
I don't care for perfect poetry
or flattery....
I only need simple truth,
Spoken from your heart
Second-hand lines
are nothing more
Than a lion who has lost its roar.....



In every life
Teardrops must fall
But joy is the halo
That crowns them all



Take me away from the noise of the highway
Away from the well-beaten track
Allow me to wander the courses of nature
With only the wind at my back
Here in the temple of pine tree and hemlock
Time suddenly stands still
Here let me listen… nothing but silence
Drifting over the hill
Take me away from the starkness of duty
Bathed in earth’s comfort and calm
For there’s nothing as sacred as God-given beauty
Played out in nature’s palm


Lady in Blue.....

The hem of her cloak
Drapes softly across the earth
In rich blue folds

The gleam of her brooch
Draws every eye
To the brilliant jewel of gold

She is most assuredly
The queen of the ball tonight
Spectators of her beauty are we

Speechless, with awe and wonder
We marvel at the sight
As she ravishes us with humility


Observations of the Day......

I do not care
For speaking in riddles

We have two choices
Take it or leave it

Poetry, most often seems to be
A sequence of classic confusion

If laughter had a color
It would be lilac and silver

Dreamers and lovers
Are often disappointed

Silence speaks more profoundly
Than a myriad of loose chatter

We gather things
Only to watch them slip away

God’s word is……
An immortal faithful compass


Thursday, January 20, 2011


...and now the painting is complete
She puts down the brush
and contemplates the colors of the day
in the quiet midnight hush
Maybe tomorrow there will be
A few less shades of gray


I looked up to see how far it was to the top
of the hill
I could barely discern the line between snow and sky
I looked around me
nothing but countless shades of gray!


For all the things that life may send
That we can never understand
There are some things so dear and good
That cannot be misunderstood
Warm arms,
I love you, Mom
Supper was great
It's good to be home
Will you read to me?
Can I hug you good-night?
Thank-you for everything
It's gonna be alright
You look nice
In that shade of blue
Thank-you, darling
I love you too



She thought it was sorrow….
A steel blue numbing of the senses…….

She thought it was a raging river
But even rivers freeze in bitter cold…..

She thought it was hope
That small rift in the cloud….

She thought it was something…..
And it was.



Winter's Brook......

Its laughter is cold and silent today
The sparkling ripple is frozen and gray
Her palm, a sleek, powdered wild-life highway
Winding through brush and field
Somber its avenue shrouded and still
No magic or music nature’s palace to fill
Frozen in time against its restless will
But soon her passion will yield
To the kiss of the sun and the sigh of the breeze
To the mellowing zephyrs that whisper and tease
Her laughter echoing river and seas
As she flings aside winter’s shield


I returned to the brook while skiing today……….
But there was no chatter or greeting so gay
The chilling hand of winters grip
Had stilled the laughter on her lip…………


Its pristine canvas stretches out
Before my gaze
No markings or splashes
No sad yesterdays
Marring its surface
I wonder, as I contemplate
Color and choices
Who will be in my painting today?
Someone close to me or far away?
Will the palette be pale or of deeper hue?
Will the sky be gray or perfect blue?
And whose hands will help with the design
Will it be His hand painting?
Or will it be mine?
Will this one be a keeper?
One I’ll lovingly store?
Today stretches before me….
My feet touch the floor
As the first dab of color appears…..


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When you're Four.....

When you are four you are a superstar
Every goal you score is the best by far
‘Cause Grandma and Grandpa told you so
They know everything, you know….
And daddy was smiling and really proud
Mommy was clapping and yelling real loud!
When you are four no dream is too big
And no task is too small
You are king of your hilltop
And ten feet tall
Someday you’re going to be just like Daddy
‘Cause you can be anything you want to be……
When you’re four you don’t compare yourself with the other guy
You’re a winner every single time you try
When you’re four you’re as sweet as sweet can be
And oh, so much bigger than when you were three
Four brings bright sun-drops on the grayest of days
Four chases all unhappy thoughts away
Because when you’re four there’s no reason to be sad
The world’s greatest heroes are mommy and dad
When you’re four you dream about being five
And every day is a good day to be alive
A week is forever and eternity
Is waiting for the bus at half-past three
Four is big enough to go to school
But small enough to just be ‘naturally cool’
When you're four the world is a lovely place
And there's nothing wrong with a dirty face
When you’re four and you’re little brother is one
You get to show him how everything’s done
Four is big but not too big to hug
Four is just right to tuck in nice and snug
I really can’t think of anything more
Beautiful; than being four


For of the
sweetest four-year-old's
in the world!!!

A Little Too Little......

A little too little for snakes and ladders
Too little for puzzles too
One is too little for so many things
That ‘one-year-old’ wants to do

A little too little for throwing a ball
A little too little to catch
A little too little for playing games
Like Bingo and Uno and Match

A little too little for coloring books
A little too little to bike
A little too little for helping much
Or to do anything that he’d like

But one is just right for cleaning out drawers
And exploring every nook
One is just right for opening up doors
Or snuggling with a book

One is just right for reaching up high
And ‘discovering’ through ‘uh-oh’ and messes
One is just perfect to swing to the sky
And spoil with a thousand kisses

One is just right to cuddle and hug
Or to play games like peek-a-boo
One is just right for rock-a-bye
Oh, there’s so much that ‘one’ can do


Yesterday I was playing ‘catch’ with
The four-year-old that I baby-sit
And one-year-old was seriously frustrated because he couldn’t
Quite maneuver that racquets we were playing with…..
Poor guy, I said to Michael…I think he thinks he’s too little for everything!!!!
I picked him up and cuddled him……
He laid his head on my shoulder……See?
One is NOT too little for everything!

Holding the Future....or....Molding the Future

He’s gonna watch you, Daddy
See what you do,
Hear what you say……
And if you’re lucky, Daddy
He’s gonna want to be
Like you someday……


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Soon the harsh and cold blue landscape
will recede beyond the horizon-line
and warmer memories will escape
to stir these thoughts of mine.......

Soon the limb on the stark and barren tree
will begin to show signs of renewal and green
and all those long hours of melancholy silence
will be the tear of what once had been.......

Soon moment folding over subtle moment
forms a day, a week, a year
soon, but not too soon, the torment
of 'forever' will disappear..........

and soon all that will remain of it
in the seasons slipping by
is the height and length and breath of it
in a blue and azure sky............

Mixed Blessings

It takes the unlovely to see the lovely
To appreciate spring it takes winter’s cold
It takes the tear to cherish a smile
And loss to see what we hold....

Tis not the bloom which drops the seeds
It takes the dry and withered hull
To give there must be one who needs
And death; to live life to the full


Monday, January 17, 2011

Unforgotten Things....

Now and then the twilight steals
An hour from the dreamers calm
Entranced by sudden phantom reels
Playing out across its palm
Suddenly the landscape rings
With songs of unforgotten things……..

….and there beneath the willow tree
And the locusts serenade
We gathered in camaraderie
Sipping ice-cold lemonade
And dreaming dreams befitting kings
Molding unforgotten things

Upon the cold and frosty air
I hear the soft and gentle tone
Of a mother’s voice in prayer
When her day of toil was done
And the night wind softly sings
Of dear and unforgotten things

I view in silent reverie
Each scene that passes one by one
Through portals of my memory
Here for a breath and then it’s gone
Until perhaps a moment brings
The sigh of unforgotten things


When I Am Old.....

When I am old, said daughter
When I am old like you
Let me tell you, mother
What I am going to do….
I’m going to build bigger
Fly farther
Dream broader
And smarter….
I’m going to travel the whole world o’er
I’m going to LIVE!!! And explore…

Mother looked at daughter and tilted her head
After a moment she smiled and said
My dear, here is what I wish for you
I wish your wishes may come true
And you may dream bigger and build taller
Daughter, once I was much smaller
I had big dreams and aspirations too……
when I was young….
like you
But then I grew
.....and I had you
and all my dreams came true...
I built bigger,
Flew farther
When I became.....
a mother


Over a Cup of Tea.....

This is no ordinary event
When we share a cup of tea
This is the portrait entitled ‘content’
And moments that form history
For over a cup of our favourite blend
Be it chai or simple earl gray
Are the priceless moments shared with a friend
Over a cup of tea

Here we can share the moments of life
Between each comforting sip
We share our victories, our sorrow and strife
As some wee flowered chalice we grip
Moments flavored with lemon or mint
Chamomile or wild berry
Become rare memories heaven-sent
Over a cup of tea

Over a cup of tea we delve
Into matters of the soul
Sharing little pieces of ourselves
Yet, in it becoming whole
We speak of our children, our hopes and our fears
Dreams of what yet may be
Flavoring the moments with smiles and tears
Over a cup of tea

Over a cup of tea we restore
Our faith in fumbling mankind
Many like us have come before
And many will follow behind
Yet with every challenge that life may send
I pray there will always be
The moments we may share with a friend
Over a cup of tea


Hi Lucy……
It was easier to rhyme ‘friend’ than sister…..
All I could come up with for ‘sister’
Was ‘mister’ and kissed her’…..
And THAT would have taken this poem on an entirely different course!!!!
And after all ……
A sister is most surely the dearest friend on earth!!
Love and prayers,
Thank-you for the tea last night,
It was special.


Lay down your timbrel, violin, flute
Blow out the candle tonight
There is no music when the spirit is mute
No flickering whispers of light

But here in a cradle of mournful desire
I savor a tear and a sigh
There is no warmth in a loveless fire
No dream in the down-cast eye

We yearn for the freedom and tenderness
Of love's unbridled laughter
But here in the cell of retrospect
Silence weeps from each rafter


Irreplaceable You.....

Of all the hands which I have clasped
Of all the love’s that I embrace
Of all the moments I have grasped
There is none to take your place

Of all the love songs I have heard
And all the moments thought can trace
Never have I quite been stirred
As then; no one can take your place

As shadows sprawl across the eve
Blotting out your lovely face
Silently my heart will grieve
There is none to take your place



I placed a bookmark there
Between the pages where
I knew
I would need to return to
Again and again…..

Echoes scrawled across the air….
I placed the bookmark there
On pages stained
With smile and tear
To contemplate
Not what we have lost
But what we have gained……..

I placed a bookmark there
Words, like whispers in the night air
Bind the pages of memory…
I placed a bookmark there,
You see……
For I return to remember
What I want
And want not to be……..


Play It Again.....

Play me that song love, play it again
Take me back to the moment when
Love was a meadow, a daisy-strewn floor
No wolves howling at the door…..

Play me that song, love, over and over
I was a maiden and you the fair lover
We are not children anymore
And we have a love worth fighting for……

Play me that song love, a grave melody
Rising and falling like waves of the sea
Its cadence drifts across life’s sweeping shore
Oh, we have a love worth dying for………..

Play me that song love, play it again
Cradle my heart in its riveting strain
Over life’s ocean I hear it implore
Oh, we have a love worth living for


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Things She Loves......

She loves to be heard.....
not so much in the context of word
as in the eyes that simply say 'I know'

She loves to be held.......
not in arms seeking their own satisfaction
but in the silence of mutual understanding

She loves to be touched..........
not so much with lips or groping hands
as with profundity of written words

She stands at the shore
clinging to her satchel of faded fantasies
and dying dreams
gazing quietly across the streams
of perpetual longing...


Second Thoughts.....

I should have fled
But then the red
Of twilights kiss captured my gaze
I should have run
The setting sun
Somehow set my mind a-blaze
I should have tip-toed out of sight
Beyond the clutches of the night
Before her fingers grasped my arm
And led me where the breeze was warm
Where winsome little shadows play
Unseen in bolder hours of day
I should have bolted but instead
Quite willingly I let you lead
Me far beyond the garden wall
Where sonnets of the midnight fall
In low and faint melancholy
Like the music of the sea
I should have torn my hand away
Before I followed in your sway
Yet, how can anyone decline
A stroll within a night so fine
I should have fled
Your lips so red
Softly turned to kiss me
I should have fled
But instead
I asked, Dear, did you miss me?


There Will Be.....

As long as the moon in its longsuffering gaze
Melts across snow-laden fields
As long as the sun sets the earth a-blaze
As daylight to evening yields
As long as the river runs into the sea
And the wanderer sits on its shore
Humming its wild, tumbling melody
Returning to days of yore
As long as the groom still kisses the bride
And kindred and comrade cheer
And daddies and daughters stroll side by side
As long as the cloud weeps a tear
And the blue wind moans a lonesome tune
Beneath a star-strewn sky
As long as there is a day in June
Or a warm, deep night in July
As long as the ivy creeps over the wall
And the rose creeps out of its shell
As long the shadow casts its shawl
Across the wooded dell
As long as your hand fits snug into mine
Ah, surely then there will be
Music and laughter and sweet sunshine
And endless poetry


Friday, January 14, 2011

Invisible Choir

It trickles from the willow limb
And whispers in the briar
The melody of winter's hymn
Sung by a faceless choir
An anthem tuned by sun and wind
In perfect harmony
While breakers add a distant blend
Of murmurs from the sea

It laughs upon the frozen girth
Of January’s palm
Played by instruments of earth
Yet without string or tongue
Its chorus spills in silver tones
Too grand for mortal choir
High, then low it lilts and moans
A holy, heavenly fire

Across the silent earth it spreads
In low and mournful lay
While reverently we bow our heads
As if to weep or pray
But then its tempo lifts and swells
In songs of victory
Sweeping up from haunts and dells
Across the frozen lea

Come; lay aside your tools of spoil
Admittance will be free
To he who pauses in his toil
To hear its melody
Timbre of immortal strain
Devoid of word or meter
Composed by He who rules the wind
And natures perfect choir


On 'What Might Have Been'.....

Life hath not raised mighty men
Like tall and stalwart tree
By fate of what might have been
Or what is to be will be
The man who stands at his life’s end
With valor and with pride
Is not by what might have been
But is because he tried……..

‘He may have fought, he may have won
If only ‘this’ had been……’
‘Too early set the evening sun’
‘The hill was tall and mean’
‘Too swift the enemy approached
To weary then was I’
Behind a wall of fear he crouched
Too proud even to try

Life gives to he who will not bow
Subjected to defeat
But puts his hand back to the plow
Wiping away his sweat
He does not say what might have been
Had he done that or this
He gives the very best he can
And only sees what is…..

Life hath not raised mighty men
Behind a cowards tongue
Stammering what might have been
If he again were young
True men look life in the eye
With grit and honor keen
True men never will rely
On what might have been


The Lovely Rose

You will be a lovely rose
I see within the bud still closed
Potential for all that life may bring…..
My dear, you are a lovely thing

You will be a sweet wild-flower
Grace some lowly shaded bower
With the sunshine of your smile
You will brighten someone’s mile

You are still a tender sprout
But I can see without a doubt
The beauty waiting to unfold
Blue-eyed with a ring of gold

You are such a lovely child
Pure, innocent and undefiled
You will be a lovely rose
In the bud, your beauty shows

God help the cold brute who would dare
To trample you without a care
God help those who would revile
The perfect beauty of a child


Regarding Castles...

With dust man builds
His castles to the sky
One gust and years of labor
At his footprints lie

With trust man loves
And feels like a king
But lust and lies
Destroy years of building

With hope man re-builds
His dreams of sod
Here go I,
By the grace of God


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Leave Me Yet......

Don’t leave me yet…
There are forget-me-nots along the shore
We need to pick
And dreams to dream along a path
We have not wandered
And moments in which we may laugh
And some we have not squandered
In our quest to hold back the hovering
Of a shadow overhead
But can’t you hear me whispering
Don’t leave me yet……

Don’t leave me yet
My hand is cold without your touch
The tears we shed, because of time
Don’t seem to matter much
But there’s a tree up on the hill
We need to lean against it still
And you’ll tell me a thought or two
And I will answer, I love you
As shadows gather overhead
I softly murmur
Don’t leave me yet…….

Don’t leave me yet
The hours pass too quickly away
As faded dreams lower their heads
And verdurous fields turn gray
But still I plead for one more day
Ah, one is not enough
Nor is eternity
When it comes to love
I see the petals fall and sleep
Upon a silent bed
I cannot help but turn to weep
Don’t leave me yet……..


Thoughts of a Loved One......

No sound of footsteps on the floor
No tender arm around me
No slight creaking of a door
How is it that you found me?

My eyes are open wide as day
I know I am not dreaming
I cannot turn my face away
The silent air is teaming.......

.....with images and memories
and whispers soft and low
How is it that you come to me
Within the twilight’s glow?

For how with door and shutter drawn
And bolt and lock in place
How is it that I look upon
Your kind and lovely face?

Too long, too long I've missed you so
I draw your arms around me
Tell me dear, I need to know
How is it that you found me?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Last Time....

There is no way to cherish
Or even recognize
Our ‘last’
If we knew when it would come
We would hold the moment fast…….
But it slips from the tips of our fingers
Lost in the sun
And only its melody lingers
When it is gone

I didn’t know it was going to be
Our last dance
Beneath that deep blue sky
I didn’t know when we said hello
We would never say good-bye

I cannot keep in treasured vaults
The 'last' of everything
Somehow I always believe somehow
It will happen again

Darling, today I hold you close to me
For darling, you and I both know
There is no guarantee
That we will ever have this chance again
So let’s have one more dance again
For how can we know
When a final dance has passed
And we pause in the after-glow
Of what turned out to be ‘a last’


The First Time...........

There never can be another
first time...........
It's intriguing thrill and mystery
cannot be re-captured by returning
and again.

We remember some 'first times'
as if they were yesterday...
for others, too many tomorrows
seem to be in the way..........

The words of a song wash over me
in heart-wrenching ecstasy
for there can never be
another 'first time'.......

The sun still rises.....
The moon and stars have returned
to their designated stations....
and we
continue on to pre-ordained destinations.....

There will be other firsts........
some forgotten, some never remembered....
The first time............
There shall never be
another 'first'
to replace the one
we know..........


I’m thankful that we are not lost ships
Sailing on a sea
In some coincidental, cosmic galaxy

I’m thankful that we are born
Already part of a greater plan
Known by He who creates man

I’m thankful that for every sin there is forgiveness
And in every dawn
There is mercy and compassion

I’m thankful for hands
Those I hold or have held
Reminding me we live in an ever-changing world

I’m thankful for the One who remains
In spite of life’s ever-changing panorama
Always and forever, the same


I love to send the kids off with a kiss and a prayer
And on some days, a verse…
This morning the verse was Isaiah 41:13

For I am the
Lord your God, who takes
Hold of your right hand
And says to you,
‘Do not fear; I will help you.’

….and I remembered, in spite of all
My fear and uncertainty
‘All the days ordained for me were written in a book
Before one of them came to be’ Psalm 139:16

…that, ‘because of the Lord’s great love
We are not consumed,
For His compassions never fail,
They are new every morning:
Great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

…and that ‘He is the same,
Yesterday, today, forever!! Heb.13:8

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Dar......

Those tears in our eyes
The faltering of a weary hand
The darkened skies
They are not the end
But simply the reminder
Of our need for a higher Power
The Great Designer
He produces the flower
As we, the created
Adhere to our Creator
Knowing full well
He is Mediator
Twixt seen and unseen
Of what is to be
And what has been…..

Once she combed your hair
Helped you
Loved you and
Taught you to fly
Now, you return her
Gifts of love
One day at a time……
Those tears in your eye
The faltering hand
The wistful sigh
Because you do not understand
These are love’s pictures
A paradigm
Strength sent in whispers
Because of Him……..

The landscape sweeps
Beyond our view
But He who keeps
It; keeps us too
He sends those blue hills
We must climb
But holds us,
One step at a time
Though greener pastures
Draw the eye
We know that winter
Will pass by
And someday
You’ll look back and say
What a day that was

Hang in there, friend,
Love, Janet~

Poets Write Words..........

Poets write words
Of joy and sorrow
Ambitions, hurts
But as they leave
The tip of the pen
They are no longer her words
Or his, but then
The reader paints the images…..
Scattered on a floor
Shadow of a yester-year
The wind-swept shore
The lips that smiled
Or breathed a sigh
Hands held for a little while
Before good-bye
Poets write words
But on walls
Of dimly-lit corridors
Are drawings and sketches
Viewed only by he
Who paints the picture
With the words
Of poetry…………..


Monday, January 10, 2011


Can't stop the rain from falling
Can't force the snow to the sea
Can't change the scene on the sky-line
Or hurry the past back to me
Can't become any day younger
Nor older a moment too soon
Can't see beyond the horizon
Or walk on the cusp of the moon
Can't dim a slow-burning memory
Can't stop the wisp of a sigh
Can't fill the feeling of empty
Can't pluck one star from the sky
Can't forget what I want to
Can't remember the same
Can't become me without you
Can't stop hearing your name……….


Soon I'll Dance.....

Snowflakes performing
Their perfunctory swivel to the earth
Winds tossing them in
Thoughtless gleeful mirth
The deep dark blue
Of midnight’s throat
Amplifies earth’s
Dazzling over-coat
The silence creeps
Across the sky
I gaze upon
Its vaulted eye
And offer no
Caustic rebuff
To this colder
Side of love
I return its
Sullen glance…….
Soon, on fields
Of spring I’ll dance


Perfect Silence.....

What? Is there no silence on this earth?
For e’en the silence I would find
Is broken by my very breath
Though I have sought with wearied mind
The solace of sweet solitude
Far beyond the plebian crowd
And nearly found it by the wood
But my heart was beating loud
And in the deep dark shadow-land
Still I heard soft vespers moan
Heedless of my minds command
It breathed in muted under-tone
But in the palm of argent field
Glistening in the winter sun
When my pounding heart had stilled
And all the wind had come and gone
I heard; for just one mille-sigh
The sound of not a thing at all
But sunshine, sparkling from the sky
In perfect soundless madrigal


Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Missed You Last Night.....

I missed you last night……
Friends come…then they go
Laughing into the dark sky…
Their footprints scattered on the snow…..

I missed you last night
Babies come….and then they grow
Hands waving, waving good-bye
People to see and places to go

I missed you last night
The darkness comes……too soon
Choices return to sing their songs
In raucous, off-key tune

I missed you last night
You come…..then you go
It’s so quiet; all I hear
Is the glitter of the snow……….


Friday, January 7, 2011

Tiny Hands Joining.....

Tiny hands joining, slipping one into the next
So are days…..
One slipping over the other,
In subtle ways
Becoming weeks, months …
And years
Baby becomes little child,
Child who seems all arms and legs
Suddenly stands tall…
And there appears
A young man or woman…….
While daddy and mother work and play
The raven lock is turning gray
The smooth brow bears
A line or three
And days become
A lifetime……
Little minutes slipping
One over the other,
Becoming hours,
Days and years,
Little children grow up
And become fathers and mothers….

What have you done today,
Before your little moment slips away?
Tiny hands joining.......
Becoming the story
Of a life…….



As the painter, who cannot capture quite
The flawless beauty of a night
And the amber moon so softly glowing
A poet cannot capture quite……
Though exquisitely he writes
The wonder of God’s love from heaven flowing


Dream On

Dream on, my girl, dream on
Too soon will come the dawn
When duty steals the dream away
And labor fills the hour of play
‘Tis good to dream while you are young…
Dream on, my girl, dream on

There’s beauty in the gleam
Of eyes that hold a dream
The future lies within your grasp
And hope within the dream you clasp
Many a bridge your dreams will spawn
As you dream on, dream on

Dream on before they lie
Beneath a purple sky
Before the force of life and love
Becomes the dream in which you move
There’s hope in every brand new dawn
As you dream on, dream on


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Way You Are.......

I love you my dear, just the way you are
I would not ask you to be anything more
I would not ask you to be quicker or taller,
Smarter, more charming, cuter or smaller
I don’t compare you to Charlie or Phil
Wish you could throw like Harry or Bill
In my eyes you are a bright, shining star
And I love you just the way you are

You’re a ‘man-in-the-making’, and soon you will be
A little reflection of what you hear and see
I will not ask you to be what you’re not
You’re God’s little creation…and what you are taught
The example you follow is the one you see
I don’t take it lightly as you follow me……
And I’ll love you forever, you are my shining star
Remember, I love you just the way you are

Others are waiting to take your hand
There are a couple of things you need to understand
Some will tell you that lies are truth….
Son, remember your Creator in the day of your youth
Know what He says and what His precepts are
Then you will continue to be a bright star
God’s Word will never lead you astray
Or turn you aside into temptation’s way

And if you should fail….and I know you will
Remember, God and I love you still
Sometimes we falter and sometimes we stumble
There is grace at His altar, and our slips keep us humble
You are getting so tall; soon you’ll be a man
By the grace of God, be all that you can
I do not ask for anything more
For I love you just the way you are

Love, Mother


Sentimental Wishes....

I wish that I could hold you
And rock you till you sleep
I’d sing about the angels
That silent vigil keep
And I would smooth your hair back
And kiss your tender cheek
I wish that I could hold you
Until you were asleep

I wish that I could rock you
And sing a lullaby
I’d sing of stars above you
A-twinkling in the sky
I’d sing of how I love you
Perhaps I’d even weep
But oh, I’d love to rock you
Until you are asleep

I wish that I could hug you
Like I did long ago
Your head upon my shoulder
Your breathe even and slow
Minutes without number
Would pass in sweetest bliss
As I would watch you slumber
And release you with a kiss

I wish that I could hold you
But that will never be
Just yesterday I told you
Soon you’ll be as tall as me
I wish that I could rock you
How soon those days are gone
But I can softly tuck you in
And say, I love you, Son


The other night Matthew was frustrated because
it was getting late and he could not sleep.....
....little did he know what I was thinking
as I tucked the covers around him........

I Love Your Face.....

I love your face
Oh, I could trace
Its contour with my eyes closed
I know it so well
Each little freckle,
The way you wrinkle your nose
The rosy cheek
The dimple sweet
The unique shade of your eyes
The curve of your lip
As you’re ready to sip…..
The drooping as you sigh
I love your face
I softly kiss
Your ‘one-of-a-kind’ perfection
Others may see
Just a face, but to me
You are heaven’s little reflection


The Purpose of Memories.....

God uses our memories to shape who we are
And what we will thence become
We remember when we were a lad or wee gal
We remember a childhood at home…….
We remember our youth with its pleasure and fear
We remember our victories and woe
Ah yes….we remember with a smile and a tear
Tender lessons life has to bestow

God uses our memories to teach and to guide
As we learn what and what not to do
As we recall tears that we bitterly cried
When the reaping was finally due
We remember life’s sorrow when joy was dim
And the comforting touch of His hand
As we bowed our knee and yielded to Him
Even though we did not understand

God uses our memories so we will not forget
The battles, the victories and loss
He uses the memories of harsh regret
To remind us of grace at the cross
God uses our memories to bring close to us
The presence of loved ones afar
God lets us keep our memories because
They make us who we are


The New Year seems to evoke ‘looking back’……

My kids, from Emily to Victoria LOVE
‘Adventures in Odyssey’!!!!

One of those stories inspired this poem……

I believe ‘odyssey’ is to my kids
what Uncle Arthur was to my family
when I was a kid………

The Way We Were....

We will never be the way we were.....
There is no short-cut back to before
Before the after.......
Before we spoke....or didn't
And even if we could go back....
We wouldn't.......
Because there is no guarantee
That things would turn out differently....
We will never be the way we were
But we can be what we are
And will be.........
We cannot return to the beginning
Or see the end......
But with each new day
We can begin again......