Thursday, July 4, 2013

Moments Dilute...

 Hint;  some moments dilute best in a cup of black coffee:)

Moments dilute where life’s dirt and its hurt
Mingle with heart-ache and hope’s happiness
Star-mottled midnight melts over the earth
As morning tip-toes above its dew tress
We touch our feet to its toil and its spoil
Footprints of yesterday etched in our wake
And yet we bend, tending earth's gracious soil
Too soon these moments drift over the lake
In echoes that cannot be rearranged
For footprints of the past cannot be changed

Time weaves a life, not in vast leaps or deeps
But in its half-breath, half-grin hungering
For as sweet summer smiles the hour creeps
To autumn’s brink and youth’s surrendering
The crown of wisdom is both wrought and taught
As tears of holding on and letting go
Are waged within the battlefield of thought
And in Time’s subtle, searing moment-flow
And though our fingers clench what love imbues
An hour eases from our grasp its dues

Darling, sometimes it seems we race and chase
For what? Its why and wherefore sadly lost
We are recipients of a holy grace
Our hands can never justify the Cost
And while moments disperse in miles, tears, smiles
Their purpose is of paramount import
This life is but a turning of the whiles
Its end begins what Time is all about
Moments dilute; we trod its dust and sod
Not to the grave but to the arms of God

© Janet Martin

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