Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Of Summer's Songs

 Summer-song spikes leaf-canopies, laughing mischievously...

Summer-song spills from earthen gills
And minstrels from the sky
It spawns the bloom from nature’s tomb
And strums the willow-sigh

Summer-song seeps from shadow-deeps
Where we do not trespass
The deep dark wood, its solitude
Laced with mosquito-sass

Summer-song drifts in moment-gifts
Of hazy, honeyed sun
Where tumbling-bee drinks languidly
From spigots heaven-spun

Summer-song flows between corn rows
It presses on our backs
With tawny grin kissing our skin
And scorching muddy tracks

Summer-song sighs in butterflies
In ripples on the street
It fills night’s noon with misty moon
And tickles our bare feet

Summer-song drips from slow cloud-ships
Crooning on sea and sod
A serenade, sweet, heaven-made
Its Maestro is God

© Janet Martin

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