Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gardens From God

 I pass this field every day this week as I deliver and pick up the girls from  Son-shine Club.

From rivers of blue-strife decking hapless hillsides
Or frolic of flea-bane fringing pasture-lane
From chicory oceans and poppy percussion
God fills His gardens with heaven’s refrain

Cone-flower canticle, daydreaming daisies
Shimmer of clover, gaudy golden-rod
Anemone ambling and wild-roses rambling
Glimmering glimpses of laughter from God

Ballerina bracken blowing in bronzed breezes
Blue-bell breathed ballads and star-flower grace
Purple amaranthus and sumac-spun splendor
Or fine alabaster of fair Queen Ann’s Lace

Dance on the meadow of miracle-chassis
Lavender love-songs festoon solemn sod
Worship the One who flings floral oasis
Over the landscape in gardens from God

© Janet Martin

I love this time of year when God's gardens grow wherever they are planted!

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