Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Perfect Temperature


It’s too hot to garden
Or scrub the floor
It’s too hot to paint
The weathered back door
It’s too hot to exercise
Or polish window-glass
Or go shopping
Or pick currants
Or cut the grass
Or do dishes, or bake
Or make anything besides
Coffee and lemonade
It’s too hot to prune shrubs
Even in the shade
Or do laundry or sweep porches 
Or wander the hills
To pick wild flowers
Its too hot to pay bills
Its too hot to can anything
Or to have an appetite
Too hot for cooking
We'll BBQ tonight
…But wait!
I think,
Ah yes,
I think
It might be
I believe
That it
Just might
The perfect temperature
To write
…and write

© Janet Martin

...couldn't resist:) It's what popped in my head as I was contemplating what to do today.

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