Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Coveting and Contentment

It does not do us any good
To covet someone else’s lot
So each of us should give God thanks
And do the best with what we’ve got

To covet someone else lot
Is but to waste our gifted hours
If we look on another’s plot
We sadly miss our own sweet flowers

So each of us should give God thanks
For what we have; lest we despair
And thus neglect to humbly give
The glory to His loving care

…and do the best with what we’ve got
It is our duty, is it not?
How sad to miss life’s joy because
We covet someone else’s lot

© Janet Martin


  1. I do not like when I covet.....but I also NEVER want to be the reason to make another covet....I am kinda weird that way I guess,,,
    we're all just sojurners here...

  2. I agree;as we mature, your second reasoning is much harder to accomplish than the first, because THAT takes a lot of sacrifice that no one but God will ever see!

  3. Coveting is bad all around. Nice expression of that truth.


  4. I think I know a few people who don't give this much thought because they waste very little time thinking about themselves! Yes, coveting is a joy-thief and a killer!


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