Saturday, July 27, 2013

Like Never Before...

So much the same yet like never before
Light rends night’s shadows to brighten our door
Gleaming on meadows of dew-laden lock
Kissing the sun-flow’r and prim holly-hock

Tender assurances spill from yon main
Compassion’s faithfulness, new once again
Hope for life’s journey spills from onyx hull
Yet, only believers can taste it in full

Soft glide life’s moments, from heaven they pour
So much the same yet like never before
Up from the edge of the earth, see His love
Bathing the morning with Light from above

Lord, fill our wishes with love’s simple song
Guide our footsteps and make courage strong
Let our returning of humble thanks pour
So much the same yet like never before

© Janet Martin


  1. I see we both enjoy lavetera...
    lovely photo!

    I always marvel at the wonderful way you put your ideas and words together. Just wonderful.

  2. :) They are so lovely this time of year!
    Thank-you for dropping by! I've been trying to load your blog to read your latest posts but my internet keeps disconnecting!! so much trouble with it of late...a blog post is a major test of patience.


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