Monday, July 22, 2013

But, Of Course


‘But of course’ you whisper and sweeten my sigh
I don’t like the spaces after good-bye
When the warmth of your kiss has grown cool on my lips
And I touch you, but only with thought’s fingertips

‘But of course’, you murmur and do not pull away
Though you are sequestered to yesterday
Where laughter and lingering and letting go
Swirl, twirl in a vortex of love’s high and low

‘But of course’ you repeat as you slip from my reach
For Time does not sympathize, though I beseech
It lends its bestowal, then, in spite of my pleas
It gathers its granting to sweet memories

© Janet Martin

Shall we dance? I ask of this day and it replies, 'but, of course'.


  1. I especially like this line:

    And I touch you, but only with thought’s fingertips.

    Nice image.



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