Friday, March 22, 2019

Of Heart-parts and Footfalls

 Celebrated three birthdays yesterday; 
Always a reminder of Time's precious,swift gift!

No time like the present to make the most of It!

My, the heart can throb with wonder
My the heart can ache with care
My, how it can quake and thunder
As we press it into prayer

My, time’s force of doors is subtle
My, the course of life is brief
Bitty baby kiss and cuddle
Before love’s incumbent grief

My, the matrix of Mere Moment
Steals our breath with death’s approach
Soft its seasons seal and augment
Present where Unknowns encroach

My, the mold that holds soul’s Bearing
Shaping names and frames we hug
Always keeps the heart preparing
For love’s next confounding tug

My, the Time we have is precious
Mortal with Immortal shod
Where the quick of tick-tock ushers
Every footfall back to God

© Janet Martin

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Let's Just Wait And See...

So, after getting winter-weary spring-wishers all excited a month ago because they predicted a swift, sudden mid-March spring, forecasters are now predicting a 'slower than expected start to spring in Ontario'! which makes me repeat what I always do when I hear a long-term forcast; 
"let's just wait and see" Today I read that Ontarions can perhaps expect a cooler than normal summer.  A month ago someone told me they heard we might have the hottest summer on record yet! 
I guess we;ll have to wait and see!
Today, BTW, was GORGEOUS!

Below is a delightful few lines from the book Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes

Oh, let’s just wait and see
To guess at what may be
Is but to miss This Thing That Is
Slipping from you and me

Oh, let’s not fuss and fret
With words like What If, Yet
Let’s raise a cheer for Now and Here’s
Lithe bow and pirouette

Let loving fingers trace
This Very Present grace
Before we hold the ether gold
That softly took its place

So, let’s just smile and nod
As on we press and plod
Let’s make the best of Now’s request
And leave the rest to God

© Janet Martin

March Gardens

 "Oh my, Mom!" exclaimed my eldest daughter yesterday as I showed her my 'empty canvas'
(thanks to water troubles that began our new year!)
" I have to say a lot of words come to my mind before 'empty canvas' 
but if that's what you see then, great!"
( I use 'water-troubles' carefully because right now 
our hearts/prayers are with those in flooded Nebraska!)

 Don't you just LOVE March gardens? 
They bloom perfectly from books spread on tables and
in dream-lands without dirt!

From the forge of ice and snow
Gorgeous dreams of flowers flow
Gushing like a rainbow brook
Through thought’s every nook and crook

Time has tamed the wilding gale
Coaxed warm raindrop from its wail
Hope unfolds, gold-violet-vined
In grand gardens of the mind

Fantasy finds Brigadoon
Perfect blue-green afternoon
Hillside almost-heaven splays
Apple-blossomed milky ways

Happiness sings like a lark
Spring and morning meet its mark
Laughter is a daffodil
Where winter has lost its will

© Janet Martin

Look! Sweet Spring Is Here

Night melts like a pink popsicle
Gilding land and sea with bronze
Look, where darkness hung its mantle
Now the light of new day dawns

Moments meting want and worry
Melt like snowflakes on the tongue
Look, from winter’s frigid flurry
Surf and sod of spring is wrung

Where star-dust fell from yon rafter
Heaven spills a sun-beam urn
Look, the mute brook fills with laughter
As the sight of spring’s return

Look, where dormant tresses tremble
Hollows hint at halos, green
Look, where barren branch and bramble
Soon will be a blossom-queen

Look, where hope replaces hunger
Look where white worlds disappear
Look, where everything seems younger
Because spring, sweet spring is here

© Janet Martin

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

An Every Day Reality Check

 For some reason this song was just 'there' when I woke, like a morning prayer...

...then a quote I read by Charles Spurgeon; "My dear friend, I am a poor sinner still 
and have to look to Christ every day as I did at the very first."
...inspired this post.

Every day the way we walk is riddled with pitfall and snare
We are prey to he who stalks and lures thought’s ever-ready stare
Then when thought has sought redemption, hands and feet respond, well-groomed
Through the minefields of temptation, where without Christ we are doomed

Every day the life we live will take us through new highs and lows
So much touch and taste to tease us and to keep us on our toes
The ‘evidence of things hoped for’ may seem like a fairy-tale
Yet Faith is our only lifeline to the Hand that will not fail

Every day is like a buffet groaning ‘neath the weight of grace
Wooing from a wake of takers, help for hungry human race
Love, so rich in mercy offers (even scoffers) tender care
Where we all have equal access to the steppingstones of prayer

Every day is like a foothold drawing us to Time’s demise
We brought nothing to this world and it all stays when body dies
Pray the Lord we lay up treasure better than earth’s heap of Stuff
Lest life’s leap of pain and pleasure in the end is not enough

© Janet Martin