Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Farewell, Mr. January...and Farewell For A While, Ms. Janet

 Mr. January 2017 was pretty gloomy most days...
off with you then so we can find out if February will be a friendlier fellow
With the exception of yesterday gray-on-gray was the color of almost every day!!

Farewell, dear fellow with pockets that spill
Frail mellow-yellow and gray, galling chill
Off to the archives of has-been you slip
In the grand scheme of daydreams, but a blip

Farewell and off you go, blow your best huff
Though we know you were born to bluster-bluff
Still, we are willing to hasten your leave
Never an encore from you do we plead

Will you be off now to warm up your toes?
What is the weather like where you repose?
If you like I’ll hold the door, point the way
Just in case you get to thinking you’ll stay

© Janet Martin

On this note...this is not only farewell Mr. January.
It is also farewell for a while, Ms. Janet.

Taking a blogging break, not forever but just for a while!
Thank-you for reading.
Until we meet again,

Salvation's Miracle

What miracle is wrought within
When we confess, repent of sin
Where we the best of love receive
The hour that we first believe

What fullness finds its faithful way
From God to mortal when we pray
Where we the best of life receive
The hour that we first believe

What hope fills time’s terminal toll
For bodies die, but never soul
Where we the best of death receive
The hour that we first believe

© Janet Martin

Sometimes We Drink...

 Will we be water-carriers today or is it our turn to drink?
Which ever it is, whether we are receiving or waiting-working and believing,
I wish you a wonder-and-joy-full last day of the first month of 2017!

Sometimes we drink
Sometimes we carry
The water so others
May quench their thirst
Sometimes we think
We would like the honor
Our brother or sister
Is granted first

Sometimes we work
Neighbor helping neighbor
While waiting to harvest
What we hunger for
Sometimes we wonder
As we watch another
Receive while we labor,
If we could have done more

Sometimes we pause
Learning kindness because
Someone in front of us
Reached out first
Sometimes we drink
Sometimes we carry
The water so others
May quench their thirst

© Janet Martin

  A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. 

For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  

Matt, our son, asked me recently if Elvis sang any gospel songs! He sure did!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Of So It Goes...

Everyone seems a little more giddy today,
(with the exception perhaps, of students studying for and writing The Dreaded Exam)
 ...might it be the return of the long-lost sun?!

Hearts are full of hallelujahs after gray is crowned with gold!
Laughter, like ten-thousand diamonds
Spills from hunger's hidden hold

Without lows there could be no highs
Without goodbyes there could be no hellos
Darling, I wouldn’t change the order if I could
Of so it goes,
So it goes

Without tears, laughter would lose lithe joy
Colorful May less blithe without December too
If I could I wouldn’t change a single thing
Darling, would you,
Would you?

Without absence who would ever wear
The river of gladness in greeting’s giddy gaze
Without trouble who would be humbly aware
Of better days,
Better days

Hello-goodbye, yes-no, low-high
 March-July, oh my, ouch, a thorn, oh, a rose
What waits to unfold from the gray-gold-blue sky
Nobody knows,
Nobody knows

© Janet Martin

House of Love

 We are like little houses, not?

There is nothing quite like a baby to make humble 'houses' burst with joy...
this little guy (our grandson) is almost a month old...already!!

The walls that wear our skin
Beneath the grin and tear and sigh
Cradle a gallery within
Of precious, precious days gone by

The window where we watch
As loved ones come and go and go
Frames farewell's glib, glist’ning gamut
With kiss of tear, bliss of hello

The door that stands ajar
Shaped like a heart, big as the sky
Always makes room for ‘just one more’
Before dusk dims its lullaby

This form of blood and bone
Holds more than anyone can see
It harbors storms of grit and groan
And blips of heaven-on-earth spree

The roof wears glints of snow
It tops a house of darling dreams
Time scatters seasons as we go
And strews the yard with stars, it seems

© Janet Martin