Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On Summer's Eve

 The supper dishes waited while I joined in the fun. Oh, there is nothing as fair as a summer's eve sparkling with the laughter of a child. This Bubble solution needs to be mixed approx. 6 hrs. or let stand overnight before using. The recipe I used is a large batch! 2 cups Dawn dish-soap, I cup corn-syrup mixed with 12 cups hot water. The bubble-blowers: 2 drinking straws with a shoelace strung through them and knotted!

On summer’s eve the air is soft
With winnowing of haste; it’s hush
Painted in shadows by a brush
Toning the landscape from aloft

Child-laughter spangles on the breeze
In serenade of innocence
Before Time’s keen deliverance
Renders responsibilities

This prelude to quickened farewells
Bids us to linger in the gift
Of languid dusk where vespers drift
Across earth’s green and golden swells

Summer’s fortune spills to a hymn
Of daylight to twilight descent
The laden head of harvest bent
In worship as sun-splendors dim

Youth is exhumed in violet-musk
We join the frolic of a child
Before we are gently exiled
From garden air and lolling dusk

On summer’s eve the hour sprawls
Beneath the gloaming lullaby
Of luna moth and firefly
Of willow-sigh and zephyr-drawls

Soft summer eve’s serenity
Tugs us from duty’s tireless rod
To touch the finger-tips of God
As this day fades to memory

© Janet Martin

I LOVE this song for the summer! I crank it up because it is exactly how I feel:)


  1. "And the shade comes free with the tree!" Love it! Another stirring thought from your magnificent soul, Janet. Lovely. (And love those bubble makers, too...what a great idea!)

  2. Glynis, the bubbles truly are for 'kids of all ages';)

    I love that song because it speaks of so many things we can take for-granted! the best things in life will forever be free!


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