Saturday, July 6, 2013


The landscape brims with nature’s hymns
The hillside with wild flower
And in the dell the drenched brook swells
With song after the shower

The holly-hocks in wandering flocks
Blooms where its seed awakens
The gardens surge with summer’s splurge
And shady banks with bracken

The little lad leaps from his bed
To chase a day-dream’s beauty
He does not scan the half-breath span
Twixt childhood’s dance and duty

Across the lawn dawn’s shadow’s spawn
A virgin breadth of chances
Soon dusk will veil its green regale
And seal its recompenses

But now the rush of moments blush
In morning-measure glowing
We touch the sod and trust our God
For mercy’s kind bestowing

© Janet Martin

It is so nice to see the sun after a week of cloudy or rainy mornings! Last year we had droughts and this year we have floods! It is not ours to ask God why...

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