Monday, April 30, 2012


We shall overcome
Not by the merit
Of what we have done
But because of He
Who abides within
As He sets us free
From the power of sin
Thus by His Grace
He fills us with worth
For greater is He
Than any on this earth
Who ever were
Or yet will be
Oh, greater
Much greater is He

© Janet Martin

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Hallowed Might

Over the foot-path of time-weathered sod
Onward and upward and homeward we plod
Many a danger and many a care
And many an angel attending our prayer

Into Your hands oh God, we place our trust
We are frail creatures of longing and dust
But You promise mercy that never shall cease
Your tender assurances whispering peace

Take our fear, God, remove our doubt
Be our Vision within and without
For You never leave us; we never escape
Your tender visage in each breath we take

Kind, tender shepherd, may each precious sheep
Heed to your Voice and the watch that You keep
May it bring us comfort; in life's darkest night
As we feel the Presence of hallowed might


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil,
for Thou art with me.
Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Ps. 23:4

April's Demise

We welcome it today
Ten thousand circle-kisses
Fading out the
Lingering fringes
Of April’s demise
Settling vagabond dust
In a green paradise
As bud-vaults expand
Into venturing leaves
Softening the land
Still cradling seeds
Washing the world
In a river of gray
As April fades into
The embrace of May

© Janet Martin

On the last day of April we are enjoying our first true April Shower...we have had  brief periods of rain but nothing that lasted even an hour! This is a good 'soak-er'! thank-you God.

A Parent's Advice...

My dears, these are not merely ‘parental recitals’
That we compose for your indulgence
But they are a proffering of hind-sight
From life's biter-sweet divulgence

The 'advice' we seek to give you
Is not invented for your torment
But rather, with hope that its whisper
Will be a cherished, worthy instrument

My dears, though you may think we’re out-dated
And don’t really grasp today’s truth
The generation gap is a bridge of experience
Back to untried wisdom of youth

Dream on youth’s grand, blue ocean
Sail for that uncharted realm
But keep our whisper within your reach
And remember Who abides in the helm

© Janet Martin

Reflectively Yours...

Poetics Aside asks us to write a fading away poem

When the bitter-sweet pangs of parting
Have eased their grip on my heart
When the tears that threaten behind my smile
Have quietly played their part
When the sound of the door as it closes
And the click of the latch as it locks
Leaves me with nothing but memories
And the perpetual ticking of clocks
I shall retrace us: not in sorrow
But with humble gratitude
That God saw fit to touch me a bit
With the beautiful gift of… you

© Janet Martin

Fading Away...

Poetics Aside asks us to write a fading away poem...

I would like to thank each and every poet for
moments of
standing ovation,
soft smiles,
sentimental smiles,
lingering long, after…
the heart-lurch,
the heart-clench,
the sob,
the tear,
the o-o-o-h,
the a-a-a-a-h,
the yes,
my dear,
the tender, blissful
mouthful of
for we all know
but only
until we meet
see you around the corner:)


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Problem Areas

 Poetics Aside asks us to write a problem poem.

You assume you know
Why I do what I do
But the problem is, honey
I assume with you too
And in the end the problem
Is plain you see
It makes an a**
Of u and me =assume

There’s so much to do
And so little time
Especially when the lure
Of word and rhyme
Draws me from the rigidness
Of toil and duty
To discover the same words
In a new form of beauty
And that can be a problem
As the clock strikes three
And work remains undone
Because poetry
Has erased common logic
And common sense
But I seek no excuses
To aid my defense
For I am in love
With limitless art
As the gathering of thought
Spills from the heart

© Janet Martin

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Thoughts~

The future is never what we imagine
For better
Or worse
…but some Day
It will be

The things we hold dearest
are those we make time for

Some tears
poetry will not appease
Some poetry
tears will not appease

You bent, a mere boy
to tie your shoes
and stood
a man

We wait…
…because that is what love does

Life slips by
In moments
Moments slip by
In life

We cannot choose
The unknown, hid from view
But we can choose consequence
In the deeds that we do

There are moments
That can never be sweet
Such as the tainted victory
Of The Cheat

We cannot fool God
But a fool will fool himself
Into thinking he can

Dare to stand brave for this out-dated truth
Virtue and purity in the days of your youth


Cleaning gives a person a
 lot of thinking time...

The Trouble Is...Time

 Poetics Aside Prompt: The Trouble Is...

There are endless life-rituals to perform
But today, when I studied you
Suddenly, my heart turned achy-sweet warm
And in that instant I knew
That no matter what pushes to the fore-front
Clamoring for attention
I must stop and really look at you
I must stop and really listen
Because no matter how often they tell us
That life is short and time flies
It is easy to get all caught up
In materialistic little lies
And before you know it, another day
Dissolves in the molten west
And most of what we have accomplished
Follows in its steps
Because the trouble is, excuses never excuse
They never exonerate the past
We all are given twenty-four hours to use
Before its shadow is cast
And the best that we can hope for
Is God’s gracious second chance
Another day to hope and pray
To laugh and love and dance
And trust that in its music and muddle
We leave a kind legacy
Because Time is a perpetual trickle
And does not wait for you or me
But slips to the eternal bygone
A flicker, a whisper, a gasp
So stop, really look and listen
Before present-gifts slip from our clasp

© Janet Martin

The Trouble is...

Poetics Aside asks us to write a The Trouble Is...poem.
I would have been there
But I was here,
You see?
Because the trouble
My dear, is
There is only one me

© Janet Martin

He made it to the next round!
We are rooting for you Shayne!
Love and good luck in round two!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Music of Heaven...

Mellow they drop
Like soft notes of a song
Reviving the laughter
Of hillside and lawn
Somnolent cadence
Of murmuring splash
Urging to radiance
Spring’s emerald sash
Silver epiphany
Sacred refrain
Sudden renewal
Surges again
Softening edges
Stirring the sod
Tuning the earths cape
With whispers of God
Like a heart transformed
By the touch of His hand
The music of Heaven
Restores barren land

© Janet Martin

Meant to Be Enjoyed Slowly~

When I read you
I cannot rush
So I save you
For the midnight hush
Some I appreciate
In broad daylight
But you, I save
For the deep part of night
To grasp every meaning
That you never spell
And to hear every whisper
That you never tell


On Planting

If you plant peas, my dear
You will not get beets
The fruit that will sprout
Is the off-spring of seeds

...just as in life
Deeds are seeds of fruit
We cannot plant evil
And expect to reap good


In 'not-so-loving' memory of Gwen

 Poetics Aside asks us to write an animal poem.

Her name was Gwen
She was black and white
And how she would smile
In devilish delight
As the little ‘milk-maid’
Would splash and slide
Through grass and weeds
And fresh-made ‘pies’
No shout or slap
Would alter her gait
As she looked back and laughed
At the little milk-maid

Co’ boss, co’ boss,
My sing-song plea
Seemed to be lost
On ‘her royalty’
In old rubber-boots
Two sizes too small
The milk-maid would beg
And the milk-maid would call
Co’ boss, co’ boss
Won’t you hurry please?
With a toss of her head
Gwen would pause ‘neath the trees

They say there is 'one'
In every crowd
And Gwen wore that title
Sedately and proud
A yell and a poke
And a slap on the rump
Did not even cause
Her ‘royalty’ to jump
Through the gate at last
Prodded into place
Gwen lifts her muddy tail
And slaps my face

Janet Martin

This was back in the day when dairy cows were turned to pasture
and for a while it was my job at 5:00 p.m to help bring in the cows, tie them up,
assemble the 'milkers' and after supper...milking.
Gwen and I were arch-enemies...I did not like her and she did not like me!
...oh! and 'muddy tail' was the polite description... it was more like manure-drenched
at milking time if she lay in the stall and let her tail drag in the gutter! Ah, good times:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He Makes Us Beautiful

Bruised and battered,
Riddled with
Dreams are shattered
Tears anoint
The ragged fringe
Of hope’s garment
But in spite
Of our failure
Jesus makes us beautiful
As we raise hope
To His window
And His Light shines
Through the holes

© Janet Martin

The Daily Bread ‘Thought’ today is…
God doesn’t remove all of our imperfections
But he makes us beautiful by shining through them

Ephemeral Farewell

See the Beam from yonder portals
How its bleeding colors splay
Lifting hearts of weary mortals
At the waning notes of day
See it flood the earth in purple
As He draws the lucent scrim
In deft moments, smooth and subtle
Over present growing dim

Light divine, Celestial Ocean
Drawing to its shore our eyes
Turning thought from earth to heaven
From this toil to paradise
See the glimmer of a Kingdom
As the twilight cools our brow
See the lowlight ‘neath the curtain
Etch the skyline in its glow

Hear the cooling vespers murmur
Rising in dust-fragrant dew
Serenading the departure
Of another stanza through
Sweet the fading sonnet lingers
Dangling from the crescent moon
Feel it trickle through your fingers
Soft, ephemeral farewell tune

© Janet Martin

My 'Every-day Heaven'

It waits for tender touches
Of loving care
The begging of Duty
Hangs on the air
I gaze at the mountains
Of mundane spoil
Shaping my moments
Of prayer and of toil
As I thank God above
For all He has given
In the clutter of love
My every-day ‘heaven’

© Janet Martin

…trying to ‘spruce up’ the place a little and get some major cleaning done for some up-coming events we are hosting…the question... How much, how soon? Cleaning can be un-done very quickly here!

Imminent Mystery

Gazing toward the sky-line
I wonder what lies beyond…
…beyond the curve, the dip, the bend
That everlasting yawn
Yet, though I push toward it
I never reach its crest
But remain in the epicenter
Of north, south, east and west
So I’ll drink in the green and the purple
Of spring’s temporal diadem
Embracing the imminent mystery
Of the moment I am in

© Janet Martin

His Glory Days

Poetics Aside Prompt: Write about a sport

He recalls his glory days
Bleachers packed with cheering fans
He could do no wrong
Five is a great age


 (the little guy I baby-sit is five, a little timid
but he knows when he is playing hockey,
HE IS A STAR in all the eyes that matter;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Poemlets

Love makes beautiful
The drab and the plain
It makes worthwhile
The thankless and mundane


As deep as the longing in the Groom
to lift His Bride's veil
may our love ever be
then it cannot fail


It is impossible
to love the Lord
yet live in disobedience
to His Word


We love, yet we stumble
but this truth remains
God's love through forgiveness
removes every stain


Love can be strongest
In the frailest beings
As they accept and receive
All they are unable to give…


The Future
Our dreams
Never quite turn out
How we envisioned
But love, oh love
Teaches us how to adapt


A seed
A stem
A bud
A bloom
A forever flower…if watered


Love does not pick and choose
It reaches to all
For love loves every creature
Whether great or small


If you have been touched by love
Then you have been touched by God


Love took dust
And formed a man
Love gave it living breath
Love bled in red
The curse of sin and death


For the love of poetry
Sometimes I ignore Duty
For the love of family
Sometimes I ignore
The poetry of ink
To taste the poetry
Of love~


Love is patient
Love is kind
It does not envy
Nor does it remind
Others of how they have failed
Love does not seek
In others, perfection
But true love mirrors
Perfection’s reflection
Of hands to timber nailed


Love is a bloom
It must be nourished
With tender and watchful eyes
If disregarded
Then, what once flourished
Withers and shrivels and dies


Love, oh love
Life’s beautiful lament
Perplexing in its pleasure and pain
Love, oh love
Bittersweet torment
But never, oh never in vain


I have been blessed
To taste life’s best
A beautiful good-bye


Is love a noun 
or a verb 
to you?
Love must first be a verb
to become a noun cannot be a verb
until it is a noun...


Love: its resources are never depleted
An infinite well that never runs dry
It grows in the giving, it cannot be hoarded
and only when kept, will it shrivel and die


Sometimes its easy to confuse the depth of love
By the measure of our comfort
when most often its measure is proven
through discomfort


The fullness of love
will never be known
until we bow before
God on His throne


Wipe those teardrops from your eye
Embrace life's richest pain
For in love there is never good-bye
Only, 'until we meet again'

© Janet Martin

Image Source:

I Do Not Know...

Poetics Aside Prompt: Write a love poem or an anti-love poem.

I do not know
How to write of love…
…this double-edged thought
Of wonderment and faith
Oh love, the fulfillment
Of mortal torment
Yet ever the longing
and thirst beneath
our holding on
And our release
A gripping storm
Yet, rock-solid peace
In the ‘going beyond’
When nobody knows
But One
As we suffer long
Love’s highs and its lows
Leaving the heart ragged
With disbelief
Of humble gratitude
And earth-shattering grief

© Janet Martin

Forever Hope

Tonight we had the closing Mother-daughter night for this season of Gem's. 
 It was a fabulous evening with a Roman/Greek era theme spawning from thoughts of the Olympics and how in life we also need to never quit trying and to give it our best.Their motto this year ....Get wisdom; go beyond the gold.... The MC for the evening did a spectacular job and it brought tears to my eyes as she encouraged a room FULL of girls (and moms) to keep their eyes on Jesus, because life tries to throw in all kinds of distractions. She encouraged them, that in spite of what life may bring to remember who they are! ...who we all are because of grace!

There will be obstacles
And distractions
And infractions
There will be days
Of carelessness
Of shocking failure
And more shocking…success
There will be neglect
Busyness, despair
There will be worry
Where there ought to be prayer
There will be apathy
Where there should be concern
…yet, there will be patience
We have so much to learn
And there will be One
Who will never replace
With lesser hope
His amazing grace
And there will reside
Though often we fail
A steadfast Guide
Within the vale
And there will be forever
Forgiveness of sin
In a blood-red river
That cleanses within
Yes, there will be enemies
To lure us from His Word
Yet, through it all there will be
Jesus Christ, the Lord
Our Alpha, our Omega
Our beginning and end
Our precious Savior
Everlasting Friend

© Janet Martin

Song: What a Friend we Have in Jesus
She read this verse among others:

 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
   and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
   and he will make your paths straight. Prov.3:5-6

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yanked from a Dream...(re-post)

 Poetics aside prompt: Morning poem

The morning’s verdict comes too soon
On night’s like this
But dawn is fading out the moon
With silent kiss
Her curves align intricately
Against the dark
As day becomes a silver sea
And night the spark

I close my eyes willing night’s spell
To linger on
It is no use; for I can tell
That you are gone
The warmth of you against my skin
Is hard to bear
Ten-thousand wishes hovering
On stringent air

The morning’s verdict will not sway
Its fingertips
Methodically brushing away
Your sleep-warm lips
Smoothly the smiling morn invades
The dreamer’s bliss
And with the dawn you slip away... farewell kiss


Morning Miracles Haiku

Liquid miracle
Colombian pleasure melts
Early morning fog


Satin edges trim
Unyielding shrouds of darkness
Revealing its breadth


Keen ambivalence
Tunes emerging awareness
Slumber dissipates


Wild Awakening

The howling gale deploys its wrath
Against the shivering dawn
Nothing remains within its path
That is not fastened down
It screams and shrieks at every door
In urgent nothingness
A mammoth bully with a roar
Tormenting budded tress
And yet, the dawn creeps to the air
Above the earth's turmoil
I fold my helpless thought in prayer
And trust God with my spoil

© Janet Martin


Sunday, April 22, 2012


exquisite threads  woven
to a familiar ache
shelved memories open shimmy or shake
to unfold ethereal edges
-thought origami
as your memory wedges
its cacophony
into abstract beings
of what is and what was
and a spangling dragon
unfurls harmless claws
in futile ferment
for your face disappears
in this coda-moment
of bittersweet tears


Sunday Wordle- Anniversary Edition

Your Permission Slip

Poetics Aside Prompt: 'Judging' Poem

Unless you've lain with me in the trenches
and tasted the same gritty dirt
And unless you have climbed the same fences
and endured the same bitter hurt
If you have not suffered my sorrow
or borne my invisible crosses
or carried my fear of tomorrow
or wept for the self-same losses
and if you have never slipped into my being
or the flesh that covers my bones
nor worn the shoes I am wearing
to walk the miles I have known
or given and taken in like-measure
the fairness and unfairness of life
or partaken of my pain and pleasure
or my allotment of strife
Unless you've traced all of my footsteps
The beauty and the misery
to understand why I am who I am
Don't judge me


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haiku...'under the microscope' Prompt

Image Source:

From umber granules
Laced with countless miracles
Everything begins

God breathed on dust
Man became a living soul
Setting him apart

Earth’s organisms
The study of scientists
All victims of Time
Microscopes cannot
Examine the mystery
Of man’s living soul

Mankind cannot comprehend
Vast eternity


Janet Martin

Through my Lens

Through my lens
I see a miracle
of chromosomes
In other people’s eyes
criticism may rise
But I have known you
since you were
a flutter near my heart
my entire universe
Hope abides.
And beneath the microscope
of a mother’s love
there is only perfection
Imperfect perfection.
God’s threads woven
to a beautiful you
a reflection of His wonder
poured into freckles
and stumbles
and the beautiful ache
in my soul

© Janet Martin
(this is a photo from the archives...
Matt had been showing me how he can make his bike jump!
A life-lesson followed.:)
It is one of my favorite photos.
Matt and his 'shadow'.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Haiku on Love

It’s safer that way
She says, locking herself in
Or, is she locked out?
A wall with no door
Is a barrier to flesh
But never to love
Love does not build walls
And walls cannot dissuade it
Love can seep through steel


Gone Fishin'

Image Source:

Jes’ trollin’ the waters
Hopin’ for the big one
I cast and re-cast
Then get snagged by distraction
Release inhibition
Try a fresh lure
This oughta work
On that big one for sure
So I’ll sit here awhile
Thinkin’ an’ wishin’
If anyone asks
Tell ‘em I’m fishin’
fer words

© Janet Martin

Let's Get Dirty

Come, let’s get dirty
Not with dirty dirt
But with garden-dirt
Gardening dirt is different, you see…
It cleanses the mind and sets the heart free

It’s a soil-carpet solace
It’s a simple, safe touch
When the care and the clutter
Of this life is too much
It’s a beckoning beach
On an ocean of dreams
It is therapy for stress
Enchanting hope-streams
It is better than a psychiatrist
Yet it won’t cost a dime
All it takes is some energy
And sweet sun-kissed time
In the company of roses
Or zucchini and garlic
…or the chatter of children
Discovering its magic
It’s a haven of sorts
Built of fruit on a vine
Of vegetable beauty
Of rain and sunshine
Of love and of labor
Of patience and trust
A table for neighbors
Sprouting from the dust
It’s a vision of perfection
On the threshold of June
It’s a mini-vacation
On a slow afternoon
It’s a stroll for no reason
On earth’s humble sod
It’s the pearl of the season
It’s the whisper of God
Its spring, summer, autumn
With life-lessons to show
For a man cannot gather
What he does not sow…
…so come, let’s get dirty
In the cleanest of dirt
In a garden; it is simply
A small heaven on earth…

© Janet Martin

Kisses of Spring...

(No, these flowers are not this year...but it will be...soon:)

Let’s immerse ourselves
In the song of the breeze
Of robin and sparrow
And lace-collared trees
Let’s inhale the potion
Of bursting delight
Where earth is an ocean
Of emerald and white
And let’s discard duty
For free wander-lust
Admiring the beauty
New-born from the dust
Of hope in a blossom
And awe in a bud
As sleepy-eyed pansies
Awake from the mud
Let’s frolic in meadows
On carpets of clover
Let’s dream in the shadow
Where time is a lover
As moments, then minutes
Then wee hours wing
While we are immersed
In the kisses of Spring

© Janet Martin

Let's Admit It...

Poetics Aside Prompt: Let's...(fill in blank)

Let's admit it
We need each other
Life's load is too heavy
To shoulder alone
Let's encourage
And love one another
For two together
Are better than one

Janet Martin:)

Opposite Poem


 NaPoWriMo says write an 'opposites' poem. Take someone else's poem and switch it entirely...


The thistledown's flying, though the winds are all still,
On the green grass now lying, now mounting the hill,
The spring from the fountain now boils like a pot;
Through stones past the counting it bubbles red-hot.

The ground parched and cracked is like overbaked bread,
The greensward all wracked is, bents dried up and dead.
The fallow fields glitter like water indeed,
And gossamers twitter, flung from weed unto weed.

Hill-tops like hot iron glitter bright in the sun,
And the rivers we're eying burn to gold as they run;
Burning hot is the ground, liquid gold is the air;
Whoever looks round sees Eternity there.

John Clare

(I switched it to Spring)


The bud remains quiescent though winds moan and seethe
On dull-crested garden; the seed waits beneath
The ground, freed of winter is clenched by deep frost
Hiding spring, like a miser still counting the cost

The ground, rich and ready, is like under-baked bread
As buds becomes heady on tree-limbs overhead
The rested field sprawls, humbled by its naked bosom
As honey-bees fall, tumble, from blossom to blossom

Valleys, like cold dungeons are dark before dusk
But the orchard is burgeoning with pink-petal musk
Yet still cool is the air; silver-gray is the shower
But we do not care; Spring hath too short an hour

© Janet Martin

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carved Especially for You

Image Source:
For each of you
I’ve never met
Or held or touched
Face to face

But on deeper plains
Heart to heart
And soul to soul
I carve a place

For each of you
I’ve never cherished
Eye to eye
…but tear on tear

I carve a rare
And sacred place
Within my heart
To hold you near


We Write...

 This picture is on the blog at Poet's United...wonderful quotes!

My friend Megan sent me some quotes yesterday. I'm thrilled to be able to share a favorite!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
― Anaïs Nin

And so we write…
To hear that voice in the deep midnight
To languish once more in its startling touch
That was there
Then gone
And we miss…
So much
And we write to hear
That song again
The one we danced to in the rain…
We write to hear
A new-born cry
Or soothe the anguish
Of good-bye…
We write to experience
Again and again
Love's two-toned measure
Of pleasure and pain

© J~

Think Tank Thursday asks us to find a quotes that inspires us...

Not Found in Coffee-shops

To sit quietly,
not in noisy coffee-shops
but on nature’s window-ledge
And then, drink deeply of thought
Pleasures me much
For as I sit quietly
Sipping my coffee, black
On the sill of a new day’s edge
Drinking deeply of thought
I feel your touch



Poetics Aside Prompt:

For today’s prompt, write a life event poem. By life event poem, I mean a poem that takes place at or describes a life event, such as a wedding, birth, death, graduation, etc. There are so many possibilities.

We buried her today
Beneath skies dull and gray
But dirt can never seal away
The echo of her laughter

Dirt holds her lifeless shell
For she has bid farewell
But it can never quell
The echo of her laughter

Oft in the tears I weep
I smile in spite of grief
For I will ever keep
The echo of her laughter

© Janet Martin

Don't you find that? 
whether Time or Death has stolen away a loved one...
isn't that what lingers?
the echo of their laughter...

I Love the Way...

I love the way You breathe upon
The skyline in the dark
And gently soften heaven’s gown
To fade out heaven’s spark
You veil with mist the mountain crest
The valley, field and sea
The moon, a wafer in the west
Slips to obscurity

I love the way the sunlight pools
In yellow on the slope
As Time unravels from its spools
Translucent threads of hope
And we commence, with lightened step
Upon the road un-taken
With humble whisper on our lips
For seeds of faith unshaken

I love the way the dew and rain
Pearls on the musky flower
The scent of morning on the lane
After a midnight shower
I love the mercy You portray 
To mankind’s fumbling story
As you unveil another day
In all its pristine glory

© Janet Martin