Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Thunder and splendor and Majesty reign
Canvas of morning, evening and midnight
Eons of wonder man cannot explain
Born of the Spirit in ‘Let there be Light
Our knowledge babbles beneath heaven’s sky
Vainly we reach with ineptness of thought
No telescope can begin to descry
The fathoms surrounding earth’s little blue dot
Logic of science must humbly agree
Greater is He that has breathed into space
The glorious grandeur of infinity
Stunning the geniuses of human race
Straining to exceed comprehension’s gasp
Of mysteries unfathomed in depths beyond grasp

Surely the wonder of He who commands
These stars compels us our boasts to resign
For who among us fully understands
Immaculate wisdom or its grand design
We ponder from our footstools of sod
The purposes of I AM’s rendering
Yet we cannot tell the intentions of God
Only that He loves us above anything
And from those vast heavens He speaks and we hear
No one can dissuade the wind and the rain
Or ignore the sun as it gleams in its sphere
From lowered regions of celestial main
We know that we are not in control
But feed on His mercy for body and soul

What is mortal man that ever we dare
To argue with He who holds planets in space?
Or what is a man that God should so care
Sending His Son to save us by His grace?
We bluster and threaten and weep ‘neath His will
But our Living Hope does not waver or wane
New every morning, like dew on the hill
Is Love’s kind compassion we cannot explain
This Builder of universe tenderly pleads
He calls us by name from within and above
We know our wants but He knows our needs
Earnestly He desires our love
Thunder and splendor and Majesty reign
See! the sun rises then it sets again

© Janet Martin

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