Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sweet Saturday

 Saturday is the only Linger-longer morning of the week  (if I so choose)
for Muse is always torn between the tug of out-doors and household chores
 Goot guplanned is holva Kshafft is lightly translated to A good plan is half work done 😉

Dear Saturday,
You roll your gritty carpet to the throne of thrift and thought
And I must choose whether to muse or grab a broom and mop
You toss a lure of second coffees past lists of to-do
And I must choose whether to linger longer or 'hop-to'
You tease the ease of moments with whispers half-blessed, half-cursed
For I must choose whether to work or write a poem first

© Janet Martin

Live With Nothing To Hide

Live so you can look
Your fellowman
Straight in the eye
Know what you believe
And greet each day
With ‘try’(not 'why')
Trust God,
Lest you shoulder
Worry’s heavy load
Lest you travel
Anger’s bitter road
Let compassion
And kindness plant seeds
Lest you forget
Where this life leads

© Janet Martin

Only Through Jesus

 Without Truth, we are apt to believe anything!

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  
 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Green fields cannot save us
Nor Beauty’s applause
In flower gardens
Or mist-morning’s gauze
Or children’s laughter
Or silver-blue surf
As it rolls to the fringes
Of solid-ground turf

Good words cannot save us
Good deeds but a curse
Without perfect power
Of Jesus in us
Only through Him
Can we conquer the grave
Only His name
Is mighty to save

© Janet Martin

 God is not human, that he should lie, 
not a human being, that he should change his mind. 
Does he speak and then not act? 
Does he promise and not fulfill?
Numbers 32:19

With Nothing But Kind Thought...

Yesterday some of us traveled those dusty roads to the Past as we lived some Good Old Days of the Goldstone General Store. It reminded me of something my dad used to say not exactly like this but with the same meaning; the reason we have Good Old Days is because Time has a way of smoothing away sharp edges leaving only scenes of loveliness to fondly cherish.

It's like wishing for summer in winter...
we forget its extreme fatigue and unrelenting task-master 
as we wander its perfect flower fields
in perfect temperatures!

Beneath the frozen autographs of snow drifts and ice jams
A world of brooks and gardens waits to laugh and leap like lambs
This connoisseur of frosted lures and glitter-tulle knee-deep
Will soon indulge meadow and moor with buttercups and sheep

Desire digs its heels into the hub of skin and bones
Its appetite appeals to hunger’s ever-present thrones
Time’s ceremonial season-tide excites the dreamer’s thirst
Then washes to the other side of reach, echo-immersed

The steaming mugs we hug to gratify both taste and touch
Are like little vacations from Duty’s demands and such
One season to another lends both hunger and reprieve
As all that we hold dear becomes part truth, part make-believe

Beneath the lathe that smooths sharp edges and hard to-do list  
A precious wonderland evolves, swathed in soft purple mist
With pain of toes we stubbed and strain of loads we lugged forgot
As we recall fond days gone by with nothing but kind thought

© Janet Martin  

Friday, January 18, 2019

Rest In Peace, Lois

and thank-you for the fond memories! 
In all the years I knew Lois two things never changed; her smile and her hair-colour!
 I took some photos of photos in an album from 1983, 
the year the Goldstone General Store closed its doors.

Oh, how I wish I would have one photo of the candy counter, our childhood paradise
and motivator of many a garden-fare picked and podded, husked etc!
A nickel for every cup of peas we podded, now, 
that was incentive to be careful not to spill your bowl or eat too many!
The patience of 'the store-keeper' has impressed all of us Martin-children as we recall our lengthy escapades at the candy-counter, while her kitchen-chores waited, a few steps away!

We, wide-eyed with a dime to spend
Would stand and debate without end
(it must have seemed to she who smiled)
…and waited as the Martins whiled
Her precious afternoon to end
Because we had a dime to spend
And tried to stretch each cent somehow
As far as candies would allow
Or bubble-gum, like graperoo
(With it you got a cartoon too)
And if the whole stick you dared to ‘waste’
You could blow bubbles as big as your face
Or, would blackballs be the best deal?
Two for a penny, that’s twenty! A steal
But then that would mean no candy hearts
Or licorice or delicious sweet-tarts
Or fun-dip, or sugar straws or lollipops
So much to choose from in candy shops
And the floor would squeak beneath our feet
As we gazed at a wonderland of sweets
Where there’s a lot of angles to contend
With when you have a dime to spend
Sometimes as we mulled over facts of money
Lois would slice a pound of baloney
And tend to another neighbour or two
Who hurried in and out with far more to do
Than stare through the stars in their eyes to decide
Which flavour would accompany tasks tonight

© Janet Martin