Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat-wave (Revamped repost)

 Iced Tea, anyone?

Whispered breeze faints in mute, midday heat
Ceasing to strum flaxen spires of wheat
Dubious zephyr slips under the vines
Hazy hush silvers dim,distant skylines
We gather beneath the tall walnut tree
Where leaf-lace heights pool, cool, languidly
The flag droops, dormant like wilted dreams
The heat rolls, steady in rippling streams
As ditches spill over, not of sudden shower
But rain-bow river of wandering wild-flower
Too soon howling gales will shiver our cot
Too soon July pales kissing tender-sweet thought
Too soon its flush fades; a glimmering sigh
In faint whiff of sage and burnished good-bye
Stiff orderlies of Old Man Winter a-wait
Beyond green pond and pale-blue cloud gate
While now children dash in bare-foot revelry
Soon they will splash through childhood memory
Simmering sky-lines spawn thirst for relief
Shimmering corn-rows expand gleaming sheaf
The sun seeks its throne in the azure of noon
Cicada-choirs drone a listless, low tune
Where Dog lays flat in stunted north-side shade
As does the cat; we sip iced-lemonade
Absorbing flavors heady with summer-lust
Salty sea-song medley, ambiance of dust
Mellow malted nectar of middle-July
Cadence of summer slipping up to the sky
For too soon Time turns its shimmering page
Melting its murmur from summer-sweet stage


A year ago the weather was much the same. It is July, after all:) I'm off to pick the peas before it gets too hot!

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