Tuesday, July 30, 2013

These Seemingly Nothings

It is good, these seemingly nothings
Talking of weather or what yet might be
Chatting of recipes, gardens and children
Painting a picture in thought’s memory

It is precious, life seemingly nothings
Oh what a blessing, beneath summer’s tree
To linger a moment where the sun in shining
And talk of these ‘nothings’ while stirring our tea

God bless the hours of ‘seemingly nothings’
These are the neutrals in life’s tapestry
Camouflaged colors we take for-granted
Until greater sorrows jolt their memory

It is love, these seemingly nothings
…Time’s gentle stitches binding joy and strife
‘Seemingly nothings’ of chuckle and chatter
Helping us bear bigger burdens of life

Treasure the measure of ‘seemingly nothings’
…modest imbuement of mercy’s caress
Nibble of muffin and vase of wild daisies
‘Seemingly nothings’ of God’s tenderness

© Janet Martin

It feels so good to feel good! Victoria and I spent 24 hrs sharing blankets and
 pepto-bismal. Today a neighbor popped by within minutes after she heard we were a little ‘under the weather’ She brought muffins, a cheery smile and we chatted for a while. I realized that I am way too guilty of taking one of life’s greatest blessings too for granted! There really are no ‘nothings’ in life…and I told my neighbor that I thought of her mother, an invalid, when I was sick. My heart goes out to those who suffer every day!  

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  1. Nice, glad you're feeling better today. I needed to remember these seemingly nothings...helped Jassy sew a dress today...it is a little too large..:(oh well...revision happening now...


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