Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Porch

My porch will never grace magazine covers
Or be a glossy, pull-out centerfold
But my porch in honest and humble endeavor
Is the foreshadow of heaven’s threshold

My porch has concrete all weathered and broken
But this won’t keep neighbors from stopping a bit
To talk of the weather, of gardens and children
There’s something ‘bout porches that begs us to sit

My porch is haven to small boys and kittens
Here candy-apple grins spread a mile wide
Beneath the poems of Browning and Kipling
To daisy-beamed whispers and dreams of a bride

Its borne the kisses of kool-aid pink splashes
Its worn the tracks of carefree muddy feet
It bears the tears of rain-song as it dashes
Over the proof of love’s precious heart-beat

It beams its beacon to night-owl teen-agers
It lends its front-steps to little bare toes
And oft in the evening these steps are the bleachers
Where we watch cool twilight strum rambling corn rows

My porch is nothing so special to others
But oh, how it echoes with moments of mirth
My porch is simple and yet humbly offers
A four-by-six glimmer of heaven on earth

© Janet Martin

My friend Megan (Lilacs and Lavender) and I chuckled yesterday at the thrill of being able to visit each others gardens and porches by the click of a mouse! Coffee or tea anyone?


  1. Wish I had a front porch! Loved the poem.


  2. I am thankful for this little 'pad'. These days it seems to be more of a launching pad than a gathering place but every now and then we end up here.

  3. I had a feeling our conversation would spark up a poem :) There's just something special about a porch... and I love how you wrote about *your* porch. The collage is great! It does seem to be a gathering place :) By the way... I like the way you have it decorated, and the the gardens around look so nice... just saying! Enjoyed my visit here, as always!!

  4. :) Thank-you for the inspiration!


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