Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Dance We Had...

I love you, time’s smooth sally        Unveiling moment-spheres
Since our farewell cannot unchain  The heart from yester-years
     Its wherefore and its therefore    Flowers, then falls away
   Where thought is like a wanderer        In fields of yesterday
    The banquet-hall of Bygone  Echoes with phantom cheers
   Where tender-sweet remembering  Kisses the cheek
with tears        …and I will always love you
Thus I am sweetly sad  Not because
   Past becomes us   But for
the dance we



Humbly Glad

These kin-ships dear that mark the year
With hello-farewell friendly tear
Becomes the string to which we cling
In spite of Time’s insistent wing
Where night takes flight on morning light
And gathers wisdom in hindsight
Before the door to Past’s Before
Is swinging shut on never-more

…but still, the will to taste the thrill
Where morning spills both good and ill
Compels us to embrace the new
Before the blue-dusk avenue
Slips from our eyes as star-frothed skies
Induce a dreamer’s dreamy sighs
And makes us humbly glad to know
The God by whose grace all, we go

© Janet Martin

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I let go softly
But ever within
Harbor the echoes
Of ‘never-again’

Sweet happy-sadness
Ah this, I am told
Is the fond flip-side
Of love’s have-and-hold

Thought is a lover
That walks tenderly
Back to the places
Of what used to be

Still, from Time’s spigot
Spills hope ever-new
Filling our fingers
With fresh things to do

Thus, I am torn
At midnight’s dark door
Twixt what is waiting
And Time’s never-more

© Janet Martin

Beyond the Curtain

(I know, I've posted this song before, but I love it; the voice, the message and melody:) May we trust God with our tomorrows and thereby know peace. Wishing each of you His blessings in 2015.

Uncertainty is certain
Not one of us can know
What waits beyond the curtain
From whence all moments flow

And none of us are able
To see what lies ahead
Or weights tomorrow’s table
Where today’s spoil is spread

But, though we cannot vision
What lies beyond The Veil
It pours in pure precision
Through Hands that will not fail

© Janet Martin

Time is a Balloon...

Time is a balloon
We fill until it pops
But time is where
We choose
Where we
Will be

© Janet Martin