Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Before I Let Go...

Stay near me now and do not haste so easily away
On earth’s far prow your shadow folds across this remnant fray
The nook between the apple trees where its green first-fruit fell
Is blanketed in memories within your velvet swell

…and where the noise of girls and boys sweetened the afternoon
Its echoed joys replay beneath a misty, mute new-moon
And somehow I must find a way to keep within my heart
The pictures of this darling day; too soon we drift apart

Oh, keep your chattel if you must but leave behind, I plea
A bit of chatter, laughter, dust, to keep me company
For you have lowered from the sky the dark veil of farewell
Stay near me yet a little while lest I forget the smell

…of rain on roses, mist on midnight, playful puppy-kiss
Tea mingling with a gentle candor as we reminisce
Of girly giggles, boyish banter, before all is still
As moments meld this darling day to echoes on the hill

© Janet Martin

We have four ‘guests’ aka cousins staying with us this week. They arrived on Sat. and will stay until Thurs. Also, we are dog-sitting a neighbor’s dog so there is lots of lively happiness going on at the Martin house…and many beautiful memories which I know from past experience will also fade in time. Even photos can only retain so much of a moment, so we live, laugh, love, let go…and then do it all again!

But tonight I want to hold on to today just a little longer before I let go.

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