Monday, July 15, 2013

Sea-song Serenade

You always find the perfect song
To soothe life’s discontent
We come to you again, again
To hear your sentiment

You seem to know the perfect words
To sweep us off our feet
Your ebb and flow eases life’s hurts
In cadence silver-sweet

You trace the white-washed sands of Time
With faithful rise and fall
And when we are so far away
We hear your echo call

…and we return again, again
To wash in the refrain
Sweeping across the sandy shore
Making us glad again

© Janet Martin

This is the best place in the whole world, says Victoria,
and I smile. M-m-m-m-h-m-m-m!

We are blessed to live near some of the best fresh-water beaches in the world.


  1. Wow, fresh water beaches with big waves. How glorious! Loved your song.

  2. Love this and love the ocean. In fact, we are vacationing there for a week this summer.


    PS. We live near the ocean, too, but our water is colder in Northern California than it is where I was raised in Southern California. I like going back to my old stomping grounds.

  3. Thank-you Sherry! They are so beautiful.

  4. Sue, I would love to vacation at the ocean but this is the closest thing we have to it and we go for a week every year! I've been in Northern California but never LA. Someday...oh, I love the majestic western coastline so much!

  5. V, and that is why we return, isn't it?! Thank-you for your thoughts.


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