Saturday, July 20, 2013


Swirl of gold and turquoise
Splash of garden-green
Bouquet of Queen Ann’s Lace
For every summer-queen

Garnet of red-cherry
Waved-washed pebble-pearls
Ruby watermelon
For summer’s boys and girls

Wild-flower atonement
Blessing ditch and field
Where we, in humble worship 
Partake of summer’s yield

Storehouse spilling sun-beam
And mercy’s gracious show’r
Soft, silver rush of poplar-song
In midnight’s mellow hour

Troubadour of twilight
Spangled star-dust spires
Weeping-willow whispers
And tireless cricket-choirs

Sheaves of gifted harvest
From fallow-dregs of grace
Myriad of miracles
In every floweret-face

As we behold His goodness
Our tripe and babble wanes
Beneath the kind hierarchy
Of summer-sweet refrains

© Janet Martin

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