Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Of Tomorrow's, Today's and...Eternity(there's no plural in Eternity)

When we wake, what was tomorrow
Now has become our today
Moments of ‘past-present’ drifting
An intangible foray

Now eyes open and tomorrow
Spawns a fresh and mystic page
While yesterday’s tomorrow gleams
Beneath our feet; an open stage

...where life’s unknowns spill in moments
Moment-mysteries unfold
Writing memories and memoirs
In its ink of gray and gold

And soon again eyes close in slumber
…tomorrow becomes today
Kaleidoscope of pain and pleasure
Slipping into yesterday

When we wake, what was tomorrow
Is today; so it will be
Until we waken in the morning
Of God’s vast eternity

© Janet Martin

Life is that thread between yesterday and eternity .

As I was drifting off to sleep last night I remember thinking ‘when I wake up it will be tomorrow’…and in my semi-wake state a picture flashed through my thought of what it might possibly be like when we open our eyes one last time…Forever.

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