Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lovely Love

Love is not a recreational pastime
It stands, faithfully through life’s thick and its thin
Love is a mercy much deeper than laughter
Or beauty that grazes our bindings of skin

Love is relinquishment of self-desire
Bending of knee and re-bowing of will
Love is the traveler of second-mile journeys
Honing our meekness with its keening drill

Love plants its blossoms in suffering’s dark windows
It does not covet lime-light or applause
Knowing that God is its ultimate witness
Love does not grumble or kick at life’s flaws

Love is a splendor of infinite wonder
It does not seek adulation or boast
Yet in the end it is Love; Gift and Giver
That never ceases to astonish us most

© Janet Martin

For my neighbor Laurene who simply spreads love wherever she goes. God bless you, Laurene.

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