Thursday, October 31, 2019

Autumn Late-day Rain-rhapsody

 October's exit is wild and windy!!!
Hold on to your hat!

Wrote this poem while cooking supper as I watched eventide roll/blow in!

Cornstalk-candelabras etched 
on backdrops of grey crepe
Maple-leaf mosaics pressed 
into fall’s grand escape
Rush of silver runnels hiss 
beneath wheels homeward bound
Wind wears holes through woodland’s 
whispers falling to the ground

Autumn's petal-pandemonium
 holds strange allure
Suddenly we want to join them 
on their farewell tour
Early dark is seeping in like 
high-tide, splash by splash
Freeways sparkle like 
a gold and ruby rhinestone sash

Simple supper smells like 
something special (and it is)
Happiness simmers in pots 
and pan-fried promises
Home, however humble feels 
imperfectly complete
Meek prayers burst with pity 
for the pauper on the street

Oft, how oft our eyes are drawn 
to what is fading fast
Like first light that births each dawn 
begins to shape the past
Like the melody that drips 
from seas without a shore
Like the sting of salty stars 
that slip and are no more

© Janet Martin

(I could not post a what's-for-supper blog last Thursday due to helping at a funeral all day)

 This Thursday-what's-for-supper post is one of those non-recipe meals...
brown your beef, add your pick of veggies
(tonight's veggies, green peppers, parsley, garlic, red and white onion)
cook till veggies are almost tender then add tomato-sauce. (I use the one I linked to)
Heat till bubbly then serve on steamed thinly sliced cabbage instead of spaghetti! yummy.

End of 'October' Poem...

Fall fades in flying colors as lawns don leaf-decoupage
Treetops relinquish laughter, stripped of summer’s camouflage
October’s beaming lanterns dim as wicks of wood are doffed
And earth is enveloped in hymns where waning whispers waft

Wishes and wonder rival although Time is nothing new
Its struggle for survival oft surprises me and you
Where season’s changeless charter gathers in as it imparts
An echo-laden harvest that we harbour in our hearts

Autumn arranges landscapes in a sudden soulful lull
As it estranges leaf from tree in earth’s intrinsic pull
Where all of life, no matter how rife, rich or bold its claim
After its numbered days are spent returns from whence it came

Fall fades in flying colors; we feel like its next of kin
Surrendering the height of bloom for what is setting in
Where seasoned season-spenders, by merit of Mercy’s gift
Are drawing ever nearer to the Hand that heals the rift

© Janet Martin

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

How to Make The Most With What We Have...

 Excerpt from Ann Voskamp's FB devotion today...
 If you let something steal your thanks?
You let something steal your joy,
And if you let something steal your joy?
You let something steal your *strength.* 
"The joy of the Lord is your strength" Ps 5:11.

We give thanks to God -- not because of how we feel
but simply because of Who. He. Is.
Ann Voskamp~

This little post helped set my mind on things above, not on things of the earth this morning!
How about you? How to you manage what/who masters your mind? 

Sharing yesterday's sunrise pics because they were far more colorful than today's wet-gray...
but beyond that let's leave yesterday where it is and concentrate on today before
it is tomorrow's yesterday!

To make the most with what we have is the best we can do
We leave behind the dust of yesterday to start anew
Where seasons rise and fall like waves that surge and disappear
While we are always caught upon the crest of now and here

To make the most with what we have must begin in the mind
A powerhouse of potential, we all are thus designed
To obey thought’s persuasion; where the ruler of its roost
Inspires deed’s direction as its power is unloosed

To make the most with what we have can throw us quite a curve
Because the thoughts we entertain become the gods we serve
Thus it comes down to this; the thoughts we think are paramount
The wells from which we drink to fill its thirst none should discount

To make the most with what we have demands our uttermost
Therefore we ought to pay attention to the thoughts we host
For, what may seem contained behind a wall of skin and bones
Is that which ultimately will arrange our steppingstones

To make the most with what we have is not some trite cliché
It begins in the mind that begets all we do and say
Therefore to make the most or best is quite impossible
If we draw from a cesspool then expect a miracle

© Janet Martin

A great message on how to live victorious lives!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fall Falls...

 Little Girl and I spent what might be the final morning under a canopy of golden-leaf...

Our trees tend to lose their leaves almost overnight in the next week or so
and with all the cold and rain in the forecast fall will fall fast!

Fall falls in frost-kissed embers decking earth with nature’s dirge
Fall falls in flutters of farewell too copious to count
Fall falls from lofty lattice in a collaborative splurge
Fall falls in flower-showers from orchard and forest fount

Fall falls in notes of music from mottled, mosaic chimes
Fall falls in little love-letters from He who gives and takes
Fall falls in benedictions layered over fading climes
Fall falls in lullabies across lost gardens spring awakes

Fall falls in wordless madrigals that steal our very breath
Fall falls in annual estrangements; bud to bloom to earth
Fall falls from heights of glory to life’s end of story, death
Fall falls into the Hand that cups a casket primed with birth

Fall falls in Beauty’s free-for-all-to-behold, bittersweet
Fall falls in golden fathoms no merchant or thief can steal
Fall falls from vaults above us to A Vault beneath our feet
Fall falls in tears where woodlands weep and wait for spring to heal

Fall falls in wonder times ten-thousand ways a leaf can waft
Fall falls and calls to mind the cherished leap of childhood’s day
Fall falls and tucks the world beneath a blanket, whisper-soft
Fall falls prey to the wind that wails and steals earth’s shawl away

Fall falls in silver sparkles from a forge beyond our reach
Fall falls in darkling shadows over autumn’s afternoon
Fall falls in shattered rainbows strewed like shards of rose and peach
Fall falls in leaf-shaped pixies that dance to the Piper’s tune

© Janet Martin