Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Moment-metered May and Must

PAD Challenge day 29: For today’s prompt, write a metric poem.

I love when life is a healthy balance of 'ought' and 'want'... all 'ought' is no fun, all 'want' is no good!

The thought of what I ought to do is tugging at my hand
The taunt of what I want to do is tugging at my heart
The place where dusk chased day away is bright-eyed once again
With May and Must and other love-entrusted works of art
Where tick-tock meter of the clock, since Time began will seal
The pictures tinctured with our touch, on Past’s elusive reel
Thus, between ‘ought’ and ‘want’ I wrest
Where voice of choice will soon attest

© Janet Martin  

Happy, healthy Saturday to you!

Friday, April 28, 2017


"I love you and don't be a stranger' I said as I hugged my daughter good-bye this morning 
after she was home for a two-day visit

 (its a little like trying to picture a flower you've never seen; certain of its loveliness but unable to grasp it)

Dear Daughter,
You won’t ever know how hard
Those heartstrings tug
As we are drawn apart
Or how the words ‘I love you’
Seems too small for worlds
Cradled deep in the heart
 …and you won’t ever understand
The tender depth that shapes
The tear, the year soft-flown
No, you won’t
Ever understand, my dear
Until you have 
a daughter of your own


© Janet Martin

What IS This Smell?!

PAD Challenge day 28: Write a smell poem

It’s the smell of yellow
In willow-strummed hymns
Of daffodil-cello
And forsythia-strings
Of noon’s blue-tuned oboe
Where zephyr-song trills
Of soft violet vesper
On twilight-ed hills
…of song-sparrow canticles
Sunshiny street
Of children a-giggle
In freedom’s bare feet
Of grass-slopes, green-velvet
Of hope, rain-drop pearled
It’s the smell of spring, darling
Come to winter’s world

© Janet Martin

A Long Overdue Thank-you;-)

PAD challenge 28: For today’s prompt, write a poem about a smell

Thank-you to the hands
That pluck the beans
That make their way
From there to here
To fill and thrill
Each early morn
With heaven-scent
Of coffee cheer

© Janet Martin

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Heaven to Ramble

PAD Challenge day 27: For today’s prompt, use at least 3 of the following 6 words in your poem (using a word or two in your title is fine); for extra credit, try using all 6:

Heaven to ramble where April meets May
Beneath breath-awnings of emerald festoon
After a hiccup in spring’s first hurray
Winter’s wince succumbs to zephyr’s kiss-croon
Pestering broods scatter, east-west-north-south
Lest a smile crack his stern, petrified mouth

© Janet Martin