Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of Stubborness and Self-control

God, Your rebuke and reprimand
Remind us that we have a choice
To rebel, grumble, play the fool
Or humbly heed Your tender voice

God, teach us how to discipline
Our thought; make Your conviction strong
And let us never be too proud
As to admit that we were wrong

How sad, if we in ignorance
Refuse the wisdom of Your way
Forfeiting our inheritance
Because of words we would not say

Lord, help us to control our tongue
And not to speak anger or spite
But teach us how to love like You
Then everything will be all right

© Janet Martin

Sometimes the devil wants to get me down
...tell me what a failure I am and I frown, 
but sometimes I have to confess
it's not the devil; it's God, drawing me near,
Whispering words I don't want to hear
because it's hard, when stubbornness is strong
to humbly bow and say, I'm sorry, I was wrong'

...but when we do God forgives and increases wisdom.

Stubbornness is determination to keep my own point of view
Determination is  stubbornness to see something through
Which am I? Which are you?

(sometimes it seems I have a dose of both!)

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  1. You, a failure? That is most certainly the devil talking! I hope you are enjoying your summer Janet!


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