Friday, July 26, 2013

Of Loving and Living...

Dawn softly tiptoes from Time’ mysteries
Kissing the dark with slow intricacies
Hope, like a lover undresses the deep
Undoing strings that have held us in sleep

Shall we leave its coaxing love unrequited?
Crushing its dream before it is cited?
Day sprawls before us with reckoning chance
Urging us closer to touch, taste and dance

Darling, the silver of moonlight and mist
Pools cool in the dell, gold on amethyst
Who can resist? Living’s fingertips ache
With weight of desire and love it must make

Unfetter vain fear; let it fly past the sun
Morning is here but soon it too is done
We cannot live on the past and its charms
For then we die lonely in each-other’s arms

Dawn trickles softly from Time’s metronome
Soon it will gather its offering home
It cannot refund or replay its chance
Darling, let’s make love as we touch, taste and dance

© Janet Martin

Making love is a constant laying down of self... Ann Voskamp

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