Thursday, July 25, 2013

Through the Wood

If you should like to hear a song
Unrivaled by mere mortal tongue
And if you should like to recline
Beneath wild morning-glory vine
Or feel time pause within the walls
Of poplar-hemlock-elm-birch halls
If you should like to rest awhile
Where gentle zephyrs tease and smile
And all is peaceful, pure and good
Then you should wander through a wood

If you should like to chase a dream
Where bracken lines the lazy stream
And the whole world is brown and green
With bits of blue tucked high between
Where suddenly life’s little care
Drifts like a leaf upon the air
As you recall your inner child
Before Time drew you to the wild
And hurried pace of adulthood
…then take a detour through the wood

Life does not wait for anyone
And soon another day is done
How sad to by-pass freedom’s hour
And never wander ‘neath the bower
Of nature’s sacred citadel
Out past the sweep of gold-grain swell
Or where the back-road curves beyond
The road well-traveled, past the pond
Where once upon a time we could
Spend hours wandering through the wood

© Janet Martin

 Okay, well maybe not on a July evening unless you enjoy being a mosquito buffet;)

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