Saturday, May 30, 2015

But For Today

Not for the morrow and its come-what-may
God, grant us what we need, but for today

© Janet Martin

When Things Go Right...

Good timber does not
grow with ease
The stronger the wind
The stronger the trees

Thomas S. Monson

It’s not when things go right, first-off
That we learn to fight and be strong
The stories we recount most oft
Come from those times when things go wrong

Adversity, pained, unexplained
And disappointment, is the hand
Whereby the lot of us are taught
And thereby learn to understand

When things go wrong, and we must wait
And work and trust and pray and fight
We learn how to appreciate
Those little breaks when things go right

© Janet Martin

Learning How To Pray

Trust is hard
Waiting required
And we are wired
To want It now
We pray but still
Who knows God’s will?
Or how long ‘til
We find it out?

Waiting tests
Our boasted ‘bests’
And hope’s requests
For all we say
Requires trust
A yielded Must
As God-breathed dust
Learns how to pray

© Janet Martin

O, satisfy us early with Thy mercy:
that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Ps. 90:14

Friday, May 29, 2015

Momentous Affair

Oh, Time insists on taking from us what we cannot keep,
Darling, darling what tug-of-warring this, its wake and sleep
Where none can hasten bud nor return petals to its fold
They scatter to life’s paths in aftermaths of have-and-hold

Time demands from hands and hearts and minds soft intertwined
Affectations of bravery; slavery to clocks combined
With stalwart resistance to the bloodless insistence of
Seasons; Its reasons masquerading as longing and love

Our infidelity to good intent is nothing new
Darling, darling, let’s try again for what more can we do
Than take that which remains and break the chains of fear and doubt
Because so much of what time takes we learn to live without

For Time insists on taking what no one can lay hold on
Its winnowing of moments strings together hither-yon
And we are powerless to intercede; the greed of air
Drinks afternoons and flowers in time’s momentous affair

Darling, darling then hold me close but do not fence me in
Soon, soon the afternoon will turn into morning again
Where living's art of hand in hand and heart to heart entwine
To try to satisfy the hunger of this Thing called Time

© Janet Martin

I haven't posted this song in a while...:)

Finding My Mind...Wandering

I’m a day late with Thursday’s wikem. Thank-you Sasha, for the weekly inspiration! 

A mind /ˈmnd/ is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, and memory—a characteristic of humans, but which also may apply to other life forms

The trees are humming my favorite song
And I am trying to follow along

For in its new-born-green-leaf melody
My mind turns both friend and enemy

Letting me linger while letting me down
Fleet-fingered vortex vexing mortal crown

Keeping enough to let me know the rest
Somehow got lost in life’s juggle and jest

Where, like a clenched fist Thought tries to hold on
As time inhales and exhales, dusk, then dawn

While ever filling archives of the mind
Scattering pieces that I cannot find

But just now, when the blue breeze ran its grin
Over leaves, like Green-sleeves on a violin

...I heard a melody stirred in its twirl
Of half-woman and half yesterday’s girl

And I am inclined to allow my mind
To look for the pieces that it cannot find

Because, quite frankly, I find that my mind
Is a bit like a dandelion in the wind...

© Janet Martin