Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Feels Like Fall...

What began as a glorious rhapsody surrendered by noon to rain-song.

It feels like fall; a somber shawl is sprawled across the earth today
And on the lane the song of rain ripples in rivulets blue-gray
The sassy bloom like jilted groom bows her flamboyance to the dirge
Where melody of memory entwines in longing’s silver surge

It feels like fall; the madrigal of moments slips like rain from leaf
The tango of sweet summer’s love sighs languidly in golden sheaf
And where the sheen of virgin green flaunted its verdant opulence
I see of a hint of amber glint jading its fearless confidence

It feels like fall, the garden wall is laced with morning-glory vine
And on the dusk silk-misty musk sparkles like effervescent wine
We trace the place of walnut-lace acknowledging its numbered days
The crickets call; it feels like fall before its full autumnal blaze

© Janet Martin

It did feel like a premature fall day; first sunny then cool and rainy with the scent of late summer dripping from the trees.

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