Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The highs and lows of joys and woes
Are living’s dispensation
They try and test our boasted best
With tears and consolation

But, in the end its complex blend
Renders a certain recompense
For good and bad, happy and sad
All adds up to experience

...and wisdom's gold does not unfold
 If we shrink from its reaching
As life employs its grief and joys
And we learn from its teaching

© Janet Martin


  1. Was this the precursor to "This Present Joy"? :)

  2. Oh TUG, in a sense, yes. I read something yesterday that reminded me how much Jesus loves us and IS the answer. My troubles, though in comparison to some people, may seem small, but in my life they are real and they matter!...just as does my JOY! there is power in whispering his name over and over and over!

  3. oh, and that Name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!


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