Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You shed your sigh upon the path
That I am forced to tread
You turn my eye, with gentle laugh
Toward horizons red
Upon the evenings dusty-blue
I see the shadows grow
As I behold an avenue
Of Augusts’ afterglow

The air is laden with the bloom
Of sensuous memories
Drink the misty night perfume
And summer’s sultry breeze
Celebrate without remorse
Each sun-drenched reverie
For none can sway you from your course
As ageless as the sea

You reach for me, I turn away
This is my hour of sorrow
For as this night turns into day
It will be tomorrow….
And there upon September’s page
My teardrops fall like snow
As I review a silent stage
And Augusts’ afterglow

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, August 30, 2010


Her name was Gwen
She was black and white
She would look at me
In devilish delight
As the little ‘milk-maid’
Would splash and slide
Through grass and weeds
And fresh-made ‘pies’
And nothing in the world
Would alter her gait
As she looked back and laughed
At the little milk-maid

Co’ boss, co’ boss,
The sing-song plea
Seemed to be lost
On ‘her royalty’
In rubber farm-boots
Two sizes too small
The milk-maid would beg
And the milk-maid would call
Co’ boss, co’ boss
Won’t you hurry please?
With a toss of her head
Gwen would pause ‘neath the trees

They say there’s one
In every crowd
And Gwen took the blame
Standing tall and proud
A yell and a poke
And a slap on the rump
Didn’t even make
Her ‘royalty’ jump
Through the gate at last
Prodded into place
Gwen lifted her tail
And slapped my face

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It is very hot and humid today.
I was telling the kids what it
Used to be like in this weather
At milking time….
….and a flood of memories rolled over me!


I held the future today
He looked at me in the most curious way
Innocent wonder and wide-eyed delight
Restless, mischievous, with no hate or spite
Waiting to absorb what we do and say
Oh, I held the future today…….

For just a little while
The future is ours in the heart of a child
Moments to guide, to mold and to teach
Before they leave our side; out of reach
But worth every tear, every sigh and each smile
The future is ours for a little while….

I hold the future today
The sweet, precious minutes slip softly away
The heart of this child will soon be a man
What are the values on which he will stand?
God, teach me to teach him the one true Way
As I hold the future today

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Children are our FUTURE!!!!!

Someone Loves You.....

Brush the journey from your brow
The sorrow from your eye
There’s a new day waiting now
A dance for you and I
Shake the slumber from your mind
And disappointment too
Look up, look up and you will find
Someone loves you

Sentimental echoes tune
The pages of the past
But there is blue beyond the moon
And night approaching fast
The canvas of unwritten song
Glimmers in the dew
Look up; look up, the day is young
And Someone love you

Night breathes in the thread of dawn
Hatred vies with love
Past and present soon are one
And so the forces move
A soulful melody awaits
A sigh of ethereal blue
Look up look up to heavens gates
For Someone loves you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Be Still.....

Be still
Let the mask of the day
Slip away….

Be still
Let the silence render
Her touch, sad and tender…

Be still…….
On terrestrial wings
Heaven sings….

Be still…….
Justice will have her day
Be still, and pray

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


He told her that he loved her
And he tried real hard
He brought her flowers
And he mowed the yard
He whispered ‘sweetheart’
When the night was still
But he could not forget….
…against his will

He did not weep
At least not by day
But when she was asleep
Memories would prey
Silent and secret
The tears he shed
She could never be the one
That he could not forget

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday, August 27, 2010

Holding On....

She holds on to the pain
A bitter curse
Yet living without it
Would be worse
Unshed tears can burn for years
She knows it’s true
But it’s all that she has left
To hold on to

She holds on to the pain
Sweet agony
There’s comfort in the wind
And misery
She wears her chosen sorrows
Like a cloak
Clinging to the fragments
Of her hope

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


I see the twilight spilling
Out across the summer fields tonight
A cradle warm and willing
Holding on to softly fading light
I hear the music falling
Heaven’s mandolin in golden tones
And I hear Autumn calling
In dusty pink upon the cobblestones

Seems I’ve quickly reached the hour
Where I’m more than satisfied
Just to watch the sleepy flower
In the glowing even-tide
Seems I’ve found fulfillment
With a wee girl at my knee
Drinking in the stillness
Of a twilight melody

I hear the truth in tender whispers
Everything Time gives it will retrieve
Ah, Time is but a flicker and a vapor
A little summer and a little winter’s eve
I see the twilight creeping
Out across the summer fields tonight
But there’s no use in weeping
As another day slips out of sight….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Loving him

The most beautiful thing

She has ever done

Wild rivers run

Home-fires glow

Within her soul

At last she knows

She is whole

Dreams spawn

More dreams

To love and cherish

But it seems

These dreams

Will perish

Loving him

Wild rivers run

The most unbearable thing

She has ever done

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


He’s working two jobs
He won’t be home tonight
Things are a little rough
And the money’s tight
She tucks in the children
Listens to their prayers
Says an extra one
For every dad out there
Who longs to be at home
But life had other plans
And the bills just keep on coming
So he does the best he can
Who said love is easy…..

She holds on to his memory
She’s not sure where he is
He just said he was leaving
In search of happiness
He told her he stilled loved her
But the thrill of it was gone
He needed time to think it over
Would she be okay alone?
Well that was in September
Over two long years ago
All she does is remember
For she still loves him so
Who said love is easy…..

He stood with His head bowed
Tears upon his cheek
As hate surged through the crowd
He stood; gentle and meek
Though He pleaded “I am Love”
They cried “Crucify”
Though He wept to God above
He knew He came to die
And as they nailed Him to a cross
He cried out, “God, forgive”
Suffering every means of loss
So that man may live
Who said love is easy…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Where Has Summer Gone?

It echoes in the bustling street
It sighs on every tongue
It creaks within the rusty gate
And in the weathered bone
It shouts out from the painted hill
And whispers in the dawn
It shivers in the evening chill
Oh, where has summer gone?

It lingers in the morning mist
And in the noonday breeze
To beaming apples summer-kissed
On heavy-laden trees
It loiters in the wooded dell
With moody under-tone
And still we ask, though we know well
Oh, where has summer gone?

Where is the hour for which we yearn?
The day for which we sigh
It drifts away ne’er to return
Into the clear blue sky
Where is the child of yesterday?
That danced upon the lawn
She grew up and flew away
Oh, where has summer gone?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Epitome of Joy for a Twelve Year Old Boy

Forget the bat and baseball
Drop the glove
There are a few things dearer
For a boy to love
There’s music in the distance
To give his spine a chill
Lo, sleek awesome beauty
A red Ferrari comes over the hill

(A scene witnessed by ‘mom’
A few minutes ago)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I would like to tell you what I’m thinking
There’s so much that I would like to say
I’d like to walk with you in this fair evening
But darling, you are just too far way

I’d like to see the way the moonlight glances
Off your face where tender memories sway
I’d like to see the way the night enhances
You; but you are just too far away

I’d like to tell you with my touches
The things that my two lips can never say
But my dear I’ve come to know that such is
Love; for you are just too far away

I would like to tell you what I’m thinking
With your heartbeat needing what I say
I would like to be with you this evening
But my darling, you’re too far away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


August moon, you have no mercy
Troubadour of a sweet melancholy
King of all the silent hidden oceans
Casanova of a roving midnight sea

Tonight I will not fight your silver urging
Or resist each moon-kissed memory
Tonight I’ll give in to a star-lit purging
And drink the wine of tears and ecstasy

August moon, you are smooth operator
My firm resolves melt in your tranquil glow
The memories arranged in perfect order
Lay jumbled like a jig-saw in the snow

August moon, your face shows no emotion
As you tear the lining from my soul
I gaze up at the deep blue full moon ocean
Drowning in a sea out of control

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Past's Eternity

Spring and fall, you melt away
Like ripples on the sea
The covers of a tiny page
In past’s eternity
Sunshine, you dance so briefly
Upon my summer pillow
Before you’re snatched so eagerly
By blue ice stealing yellow

Today I’ll pause to smell the blooms
Today I’ll stroll the greens
Before they rest in darkened tombs
Of history’s charcoal scenes
Today I’ll hold the little hand
Before it carries me
Today is but a tiny strand
In pasts eternity

Should summer plead outside my door
I’ll take my fleeting chance
I’m not hurried anymore
If you ask, I’ll dance
The rise and fall of life and love
A ripple in the sea
A smile, a tear, the picture of
Time-past’s eternity

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, August 23, 2010

So What.....

The curtain was drawn
But I saw their shadows
Where the lamplight shone
From the pale gold windows
Staring at me; as if I were a waif
With no where to go
As if I were looking for love
What can windows know?
And so what if two figures
Blended as one
And I heard their laughter
While I was alone
I was simply passing
Out for some air
So what if they’re laughing
I don’t really care

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Why must you vex me so?
To forget you I have tried
But in the moonlights ruddy glow
I see you at my side

Why must you tempt me so?
I pretend not to hear
But in the breath of wind that blows
You whisper in my ear

Why must you hurt me so?
Ah, where is the green leaf?
The vibrant blossom falls like snow
With tears of my lone grief

Why must you leave me so?
Why do you come at all?
You pause a moment then you go
To answer autumns call

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Here midnight meets the hint of dawn
Here joys and sorrow spill
This moment joins with memory
It’s aching and its thrill
Prayers of ink are pondered here
Upon this endless stage
Our pen, a feather or a spear
To touch this empty page

Here no man can silence thee
And freedom has no bounds
An eight by ten infinity
Where hope or heartache sounds
Here the lonely teardrop sighs
Here a dream is born
Here fantasy or anguish cries
And memories are torn

Here mans thought is traced in form
And silence bears a voice
Here those who read can ride the storm
By words of soundest choice
There is no far away or near
A universal stage
Where we can ever shed a tear
Upon an empty page

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Wanted to Tell you......

I wanted to tell you
I hate when you’re so far way
I want to feel like
An old blue sweater
On the arm of your chair
Comfortable and warm
And accustomed
To being there
And you like it that way

I wanted to tell you
I miss you……
Before you say good-bye
And I don’t know why
But August nights
Were meant for two
You…..and I
And sometimes a telephone
Just won’t do

I wanted to tell you
That maybe satisfaction
Lies in the hunger
And the dream
And being younger
Is not all it may seem
I wanted to tell you
I love you…..but I
Heard myself saying….good-bye

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The Call.....

The front porch
Was too small
On a night
Like last night
We preferred
Wide open fields
And a blanket
Of starlight
We preferred taking
To wanting
And the august night
Was there,
Free for the taking
A solitary offering
She held out her hand
We were willing
Words were
Common weeds
The hush, a rose
Satisfying our needs
…..and woes
For a night like
Last night was
Not meant for sleep
We pitied the
Poor shadows
In slumber deep
Is time not
A running stream
Emptying itself
In eternity?
Was last night a dream?
…..or reality
Because the front porch
Was too small
And we heard
The August night call

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Thief

I love you, I hate you
Bittersweet pain
Raging wild fire
Cold driving rain
I love you, I hate you
What more can I say
Autumn, you steal my summer away

I love the burst of dusty blue
Passion on my tongue
It brings back memories of you
And being free and young
I love the flame that sweeps the hill
In orange and red and gold
I love the wind, I hate the chill
And thoughts of growing old

I love the rivers of purple and sage
Flowing in ditch and hollow
I pause on the ridge of middle age
Aware of what will follow
I love the sassy undertones
As branches toss and sway
I hate the thief of scarlet and bronze
Stealing my summer away

I love you, I hate you
Invisible duel
I laugh then I weep
Ah, fall is so cruel
I love you, I hate you
There is no other way
Your bewitching beauty
Steals summer away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Hey R~
Your comment got me to thinking.....
yes, I love Autumn too and I hate it!!!

Reluctant Realizations

Like warm silk, she passes by
I sense a sympathetic smile
But she will not meet my eye
For she knows it will be awhile
Before she reaches out her hand
And asks me, shall we dance
For she like I, is not in command
But at the mercy of time and chance

Her long flowing tresses have been shorn
Her vibrant eye is dull
And in her sigh a chill is born
For we can feel the pull
Of hours in waiting; waiting to shed
Sad reluctant tears
On a mournful autumn bed
As she softly disappears

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The warm somber haze
Of sweet August days
Fills me with reluctant realization
Over the hill
Waits September’s chill
And summer’s evaporation

Thursday, August 19, 2010

September in Waiting.....

You shiver in the aspen tree
You hover in the sigh
Of stalwart corn-stalk infantry
Reaching for the sky…..

You tarry in the gilded bush
And etch with burnished gold
Each leaf of green; the orchards blush
Beneath the wand you hold

Did we not witness spring’s glad mirth?
Upon each slope and field
But yesterday; when did the earth
Relinquish her fair shield?

You breathe within the slumbering
Of muted purple sky
Ah, years need no more numbering
Than minnows passing by

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

They Grew Accustomed......

They grew accustomed to her far-off gaze
Her sudden pause or mindless ways
If the sky’s wordless beauty left her in a daze
They reminded her, “Mom, you’re driving!”

They grew accustomed to poetry books on the table
Crumpled wads of paper and scribble
With trains of thoughts ending in dribble
While they reminded her, “Mom, we’re hungry!”

They grew accustomed to her drawn-out sigh
At over-grown creek beds or a half-moon sky
They no longer bother asking “why?”
They remind themselves, “Mom’s a poet”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Actually, I do not consider myself a poet....
not after reading truly great poetry,
I simply like to pen thoughts and rhyme words
The art of true poetry eludes me.....
but how pleasurable the quest in my journey

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Through My Open Window....

Through my open window I see
Youth's sun rise
White-capped skies
Bare-foot butterflies
I see
Moonbeams splash
On tempered grass
….and summer pass

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

Together Again

I like to sit upon a shore
It is not good to be land bound too long
Here my soul can fly and soar
Wafted on a turquoise song

The prison bars of soil and field
Have lost their beauty and fair charm
Now my prayers are freed, unsealed
On a shoulder lucid, warm

Trust her constant ebb and flow
Confide your deepest hope and dream
This is luxury, you know
In the lyric of the stream

I like to sit upon a shore
Dissolve into her ethereal bliss
Yes, I know we’ve been here before
But it’s never been like this

Silence is for the sleeping and dead
Words for paper and a pen
We’ll listen to the waves instead
For here we are together again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Personally Yours....

The warmth of the sun stirs my thoughts of you
But then again, the blue sky does too
I stand and admire the hush of the dawn
And hear your whisper dance across the lawn
Into my very heart of hearts
As daylight in blue and silver shards
Cuts across the wakening girth
Where once again the sleepy earth
Rouses to the beck and call
Of duty or freedom great or small
And I covet the thought of vacant hours
To stroll for a while among wild flowers
With not a thing in the world to do
But satisfy my thoughts of you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, August 16, 2010

August Night.....

Reckless, wanton sultry night
Bitter grief and sweet delight
For every time you visit me
Another day is history
So pull your veil across the west
And remind me why I’m blessed
While you turn wild-flower to gray
And steal the summer hours away
You leave too fast but come too soon
Tender cradle of the moon
I covet your deep shade of blue
Crave to walk the avenue
Of the dazzling Milky Way
In the moon-beams silky sway
But within my restless sigh
I see a softening in the sky
You; my bittersweet delight
Reckless, wanton August night

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It Should Be...

It should be a silent night
The wind of the day has died down
The gold walnut leaves drift soundlessly
Decking the lawn with her gown
August night in perfection
Breathes across the hill
Oh, it should be a silent night
For even the river is still

The dust in the field has settled
The farmer in slumber lies
The sheaves of grain stand in tranquil salute
To the Keeper in the skies
The cricket in somber reverence
Ceases her serenade
Oh, it should be a silent night
In a picture heaven-made

But there’s something about August and pale moonlight…..
Makes me wish you were here with me
There's something about this peaceful sight
That stirs a memory
And your laughter breaks the silence
It drifts across the blue
Oh it should be a silent night
And it would be.....if I didn't know you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


I didn’t know lonely could hurt so good
Or feel so soothingly bad
I didn’t know that loving you would
Be the best pain I’ve ever had
And I didn’t know that stars fall from the sky
And land in the glow of a loved ones eye
No I didn’t know loving could hurt me so good
And make me feel happily sad

I didn’t know empty arms could over flow
With an unbearable ache
Or that happiness can grow and grow
But cause a heart to break
And I didn’t know silence could be so loud
Or loneliness greatest in a crowd
No I didn’t know loving could hurt me so
Yet heal each secret ache

I didn’t know lonely until I met you
Or did we really meet?
I didn’t know the joy of bitter brew
Until I tasted sweet
And I didn’t know that misery
Can be such beautiful company
Nor did I know that missing you
Would make my life complete

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A Moment Like This.....

I take them...
All my bad memories
And I tuck them away
Like receipts of bad investments
Or bills I forgot to pay
In this moment I ignore the troubles
That nibble at my mind
I close my eyes, oblivious
To duty; or the mundane grind.....
There is nothing I need to do or say
In this moment; I melt silently away
As I fall from the fragile edge of my day
Into the bliss of glimmering dew
Into your eyes of intoxicating blue
Nothing exists in my world but you……
Oh, how I love you there is naught remiss
As I’m swept into your arms and into your kiss
I am complete, completely yours in a moment like this
Summer, what ever did I do to deserve somebody like you?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


If I had met you then
In the subway,
Or on a train
Or a wind-tossed hill in Spain
If I had met you
By sweet chance
And we had shared
A slow soft dance
Or dreams or coffee
Or a second glance
Then perhaps I would be
A whisper in
A shadow cast
A little flicker
In your past
The address in a pocket
Of a coat, not worn in years
The picture in a rusty locket
Or in sentimental tears
I would simply be
A faded memory
Someone you wish
You could see again
If I had met you
Way back then

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Evening Song.....

The cottage that I call my home is bathed in rose-pink glow
And all around me petals fall like bits of colored snow
The robin and the meadow lark call faintly through the mist
While I can feel the saddened smile of summer softly kissed

To weep would be a foolish thing in such a glorious hour
For I can hear the cricket sing among the fern and flower
The breeze that danced on spring’s plateau has tear-drops in her sigh
And in her kindred breath I know she knows the end is nigh

Across the flaming western stage the navy curtains fall
I see the fluttering of a page; I hear a somber call
But far above God lights the first small star to grace the blue
Symbol of everlasting love and promises come true

Now nature lifts in subdued tones her offering of praise
Drifting to eternal thrones beyond this earth-dimmed maze
A universal symphony of summer’s plaintive song
An August evening melody trembling ‘cross the lawn

The shadow of the willow limb begs me to join her dancing
And in the misty moonlight dim with pale white glow enhancing
The carpet where small bare feet run all through the livelong day
I fall into the pleading arms of midnight’s gentle sway

The cottage that I call my home appears forlorn; morose
Beneath the blue and violet tones as heaven holds her close
But she like I is captured by this warm exotic power
As August with her mystic sigh reveres this solemn hour

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My Favorite Summer Porch

It rests ‘neath the cry of the hovering gull

It cradles the sigh of the noon-day lull

It stretches for miles as a welcome retreat

A planet of smiles and sandy feet

And the waves roll across its tempered floor

For the porch I love most is the summer sea-shore

There is no blue-bell climbing at my side

But there is the swell of the ceaseless tide

And there are no steps of wood or cement

But sand is kinder and where I am content

The wind sweeps across this endless floor

Oh, the porch I love most is a summer sea-shore

No telephone ringing, simply a breeze

And the rhythmic singing of the turquoise seas

No duty waiting, no chores to be done

But simply the beckoning of sand, sea and sun

Of all the grand porches this earth may boast

The porch on the sea-shore is the one I love most

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

On Her Way.....

She has her own version of sorrow
Like oh no, we have no plans for tomorrow
And happiness is a summer rain splash
Or perhaps an orange popsicle mustache
But she walked by today
Her long hair flowing behind
Like golden grain
Rippling in the wind
The sound of her laughter
Floating on the breeze
The echo of chatter
Bouncing off the trees
Mostly arms and legs
And it seems
She is always balancing on something
Mostly dreams
As she walked by today
On her way to being a woman

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I remember when I hugged you at your grade eight prom
My dear, I loved you like a second mom
Now the years have come between us and I want to cry
Too much mascara cannot hide the hunger in your eye….

Your leopard print mini skirt your stiletto heels
Can’t make me forget August picnics in the field
Picking wild flowers, chasing butterflies
I still see the little girl behind the black mascara eyes….

We all make mistakes, oh; I know I’ve made mine
But after the rain the sun always shines
I know you’re not a little girl anymore
And I’d like to dry the black mascara teardrops on the floor

We could go for a picnic like we did way back then
Some things are not so different as they were when you were ten
We could pick wild flowers, gaze up at the August sky
….too much mascara cannot hide the hunger in your eyes

Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It takes many pieces to create a whole
We are the form of mind, body and soul
What is a trunk with out branches and leaves?
What is a field without earth, grass or sheaves?
Without the water the sea is a grave
But what of the hollow which cradles the wave
The bud on its own would never bloom
A bride is no bride without a groom
Even a stone is a particle mass
The dirt is no lawn until it has grass
The bird and the bee and the butterfly
Without wings could never reach for the sky
A book with out pages or a pen with no ink?
A song without music or fount with no drink?
Yes, it takes many pieces to create what we see
And darling, without you I would never be me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Nothing at All

To say I need you near me
Is like saying I need air
And the sunshine is hot
And June is fair
To say I need you darling
Is simply to imply
That there could be another way
Other than you and I

To say a fish needs water
And a flower needs the rain
Or love doesn’t matter
And hope is in vain
Is to say there is no morning
And tears do not fall
It is simply like saying
Nothing at all

If the light in my eye
Or the plea in my smile
Or the hunger in my sigh
Tells you nothing at all
Then what good are words
But white lies in your ear
If you still have not heard
That I need you, my dear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Lessons in Longing

If I could I would sit with you
On the back porch like we used to do
Gazing across the dew-laden lawn
Discussing life and the great beyond
That has so quickly come……
And gone

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thin Walls…….

Mile after mile
They could melt
If you would smile
Sixteen is simply
A river
That we each
Must cross
It does not last

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


With your words
My dear, you carved
Your signature
Upon my heart

With your whisper
In my ear
You carved an
Everlasting tear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Ever-after......

I know
There are very special
And poetry
Written for people
Who are not
I should be jealous
But I cannot be
As I stand back
To view
My Life's tapestry….
Of muted echoes
Summer light
A violin in
The dead of night
I know
It keeps changing
This canvas of mine
But I like it fine
For in its re-arranging
There are thoughts
And places
Time can never alter
Among the sea
Of faces
Some stand taller
Whisper more clearly
Remain more dearly
On this canvas…….
A beautiful sketch
Of my ever-after
Where no one can remove
The sound
Of your laughter

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I Am In Love.....

I am weightless
Lighter than air
Like a tiny feather
Or a wisp of your hair
I drift into
The azure blue
At the very
Thought of you
For I am in love

I am strong
I could lift a tower
And balance it on
A dainty flower
Or push aside the mountain
That impedes my view
At the very
Thought of you
For I am in love

I am beautiful
For the very first time
My heart-beat a sequence
Of rhythm and rhyme
Each footstep a dance
Intricate, new
At the very
Thought of you
For I am in love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday, August 6, 2010


I thought I was awake
Because my eyes were open
And the skies were glowing
With a new day
I thought I was awake
I could here you talking
And see dew sparkling
On fields of hay
I thought I was awake
For night was gone
And sleep had fled
But now I realize
Before you
I didn’t know
True color
True bliss
True joy
A true kiss
True contentment
True love
Unlimited as the sky above
I was asleep

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


You may take little pieces here and there
They may grace your smile, your neck, your hair
It’s those little pieces I am willing to share…………
Like bits of sun and rain

I wear a smile in my memory
Of the moment in time when you were with me
Two ships, meeting briefly on life’s vast sea
But never the same again

I gladly give away little pieces of me
Pieces to drift in your memory
But I will never be wild and free
For I am no longer whole

I walk, I laugh, I breathe and dance
I still believe in second chance
How could I know one second glance
Would steal my heart and soul?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


She sees endless oceans to the other side
I see the span of a short swift ride……..

Her dreams are as vast as the turquoise sea
My dreams are tempered by reality…..

Her eyes sparkle with the thrill of youth
My eyes glow with love’s deeper truth

Her laughter is quick, spontaneous…. pure
I laugh….aware that tears are just as sure

Her sigh is as restless as the waves at her feet
While mine is a whisper of love complete

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, August 2, 2010


Whisper, whisper in my ear
You are far, yet you are near
I can feel your murmured breath
Like a heart-beat in the earth
In noon-day tide or one a.m.
A soft tremor, a priceless gem
You are the chuckle in the rain
The smile when sunlight breaks again
When night is cold still I find
A welcome hearth within my mind
Far away yet oh so near
In my heart to stay, my dear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin