Monday, July 22, 2013

This Beautiful Feeling of Home

My brother Dave has a poet’s soul. Last night while we (a few siblings and spouses) were chatting on his deck as the kids played in the pool he remarked, Hey, you guys, do you ever, as you drive in at your homes, feel this big sense of gladness that this is your life and this is your home? And do you ever think, man, I’m so glad that it is and what a wonderful place to be? (this guy has known difficulty in his life…much!!), but oh, I knew exactly what he meant; this feeling of utter contentment and thankfulness. He concluded then by saying how his heart breaks for all the people of the world who have never known this beautiful feeling of home! Amen, brother.

Last year on Dave’s birthday I sent him this poem, because his wife remarked that he and I were both ‘sky-lovers’(aka poets;). She laughed as I raved and she said, ‘you sound just like your brother.’

This morning his words have driven me to contemplating...
 This Beautiful Feeling of Home

What is it that makes a house a home?
A lovely solace where the soul
Is blissfully content in spite
Of living’s care and duty’s toll

At home we touch with tender ease
Those things not given second thought
Of common familiarities
Weaving an essence heaven-wrought

…and when life’s path leads from its door
Insisting that we cannot stay
How much more sweet is coming home
After the hours spent away

For home makes simple people kings
Not by the grace of things and stuff
But, as God weaves our broken strings
Into the music of His love

Here moments shape life’s memories
Of song and sorrow, joy and strife
Methinks this lovely thing must be
A glimpse of Home beyond this life

© Janet Martin

Home, sweet home, God bless our Home, Home is where the heart is, Welcome Home; these are not trite cliches.

The neighbors were gone for a few weeks on summer holidays. When the kids dropped by to pick up their mail I asked them if it feels good to be home and together they replied 'Yes'!
My sister and her hubby were gone for a week; she told me looking forward to a trip and leaving are great, but coming home is even better!

Melissa came home on Sat. night after a week up north at a kid's camp. She said it feels so good to be home. Here sisters share a moment as she shows them pictures on her phone and tells them about her week.

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  1. I completely understand that feeling of coming home and being so grateful to have one.



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