Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Between the Plume of Dogwood Bloom

Recently someone waited in our driveway for help to change a flat tire...she admired the view of rolling countryside. Me too! I never tire of it and am 'wowed' constantly by God's handiwork in every season.

Between the plume of dogwood bloom
And autumn’s laden bower
We linger in the candid grin
Of summer’s precious hour

Betwixt the scrim of blushing limb
In springtime’s glad awaking
And orchard bent; heaven has sent
Summer, free for its taking

She does not charge the world at large
For sun-beam dappled grasses
Nor asks a price for blue-sky slice
Or wind-song as it passes

Freely she flings her offerings
Of roses, sunset, showers
Where green and gold on hills unfold
To roadsides filled with flowers

Her melody is fair and free
How soft those sweet caresses
Between the plume of dogwood bloom
And autumn’s flaming tresses

© Janet Martin

Sweet, sweet July
Oh, tell me why
You slip so swiftly
To the sky...

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