Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Of Kind Places...

The laughter of the summer-sky
The beauty of the morning
The lily and the butterfly
In nature’s fair adorning,
The sweep of seasons as they flow
Would grieve without atoning
If we did not have, here below
Love’s kind place of belonging

Where is your sweet home of the heart?
What soothes your silent longing?
For we all need love’s dearest part
That kind place of belonging
And then, though life may treat us wrong
In conquest raw, demanding
What joy to haste where we belong
To quiet understanding

We ought not squander energy
On things cold, hard and graven
Where greed and gain, love’s enemy
Destroys its tender haven
But as we struggle on life’s road
Of loneliness and longing
I pray we each find here below
Love’s kind place of belonging

© Janet Martin

My brother Dave is not a man of man wasted words, but I find what he does say is worth a listen, and today, a sharing....
 "A home is not a house and things we own  -  but a sense of being where we belong  -  a place of safety , security , comfort , LOVE , -    and everyone wants to belong - desires to belong  - and needs to belong." 

Thank-you Dave, for this morning's inspiration.

I'm reading the 4th book in The Walk Series by Richard Paul Evans. It is a story about a man whose loses his wife, home and belongings so he begins walking and a journey to discovery...a great read!

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