Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gift of Grace

Between the paths that lie behind
And every path untrodden
Exists the present; here we find
A thing sacred, important

The path behind can’t be retraced
The future is thought-vision
The present is a gift of grace
Worthy of our ambition

We cannot travel yesterday
Or tread tomorrow’s nothing
The worth of life is in Today
A gracious gift of loving

Between the paths of ‘Hope’ and ‘Had’
We bear an exhortation
The present pleads on our behalf
With purposed expectation

And soon the moments it has wrought
Will be life-lesson’s story
Embrace this mercy-gift from God
And use it to His glory

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh! how very true. We cannot change our past nor can we know about future, but yes we can definitely live in the present and make it worthwhile.

  2. Thank-you V~ and Scott:) God bless.


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