Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sweet Summer

Sweet summer sweeps in green-leaf leaps
And gold exhilaration
From mystery to history
And quiet contemplation

Sweet summer swirls, where time unfurls
A swift and subtle stealing
Of sun-flow’r splash and flip-flop flash
Beneath cerulean ceiling

Sweet summer sways in heat-wave haze
And weeping willow-tresses
A serenade of dappled shade
Of iced tea and sun-dresses

Sweet summer sings in offerings
Of petal-perfumed pleasure
In honey-bees and bonny breeze
And muted moment-measure

Sweet summer sighs in veiled good-byes
Where aspen silver shimmers
Against the blue-sky avenue
And in the tear that glimmers

Sweet summer sinks beneath the pinks
Of rhododendron and roses
We touch and taste its gifted haste
Before its shutter closes

© Janet Martin

This summer is sweeping along far too quickly.


  1. This is gorgeous the sweeps, the ceiling and the pinks~ I'm swooning while I drink my ice tea,
    of all places your poem has taken me! Love this one~

  2. Lovely, such a beautiful description of summer.

  3. Thank-you Ella and Lisa, we are enjoying a stretch of perfect weather here. Hope you gals are having a wonderful summer.


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