Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Of July's Fading Fringes

Hold me, I beg in your kind, azure gaze
Dance to a warm willow-vesper
Nurture my mind with abandonment’s blaze
Sweeten my mouth with your whisper

Cradle me where we will seal our last kiss
Gather me in farewell’s hunger
Torture me tenderly in parting’s bliss
Tarry until I am younger

You know that I will not shackle the gate
I know that you must be leaving
Passion and sorrow; love’s juxtaposed weight
Mingle in bittersweet grieving

I beg you to hold me, sweet, sanguine July
But moments do not pause or linger
Caught in a vortex of wide-open sky
You vanish on my outstretched fingers…

© Janet Martin

There’s a key change in the winds that play
Falling from lilt to sigh
Dripping from tendrils of mid-day
In preeminence of good-bye

Tomorrow it may croon and swell
Over summer’s high-noon
Today it lingers in farewell
Of July; leaving way too soon

Long we a-wait its broad, blue-sky candor
Mid-summer’s easy kin-ship
Somewhere within Time’s wild-flower splendor
Over bronze fringes it slips

There is a key change in the late afternoon
It trickles from lintels of musk
Pooling in mouths of day-lily blooms
Disappearing into the dusk…

Solemn, the orchestra of cricket-cheeping
Ushers her over a floor
Of stubble and clover; while we are sleeping
July will be no more…

© Janet Martin

Sharing a few from a year ago...just getting over a bout of flu;(


  1. These are both such beautiful, beautiful natural captures Janet...sigh...you do it so well. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I'm getting there...I've been 'spoiled' with good health. I think the last time I had something like this was 20 yrs ago! feeling DRAGGY but better, thankfully.

    Thank-you so much for your kind wishes.

  3. Just love these two poems, Janet. Hope you are well.

  4. Thank-you Sara. so much for your kind wishes. I'm better but not quite 'best' yet; so light-headed! I think it'll just take another day or so. It seems to be making its round in our household, another one down today!


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