Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Little Bit of Being...

 While I was sitting here for a little farewell to my beloved Red Maple,
Victoria and I decided we should turn it into a Giving Tree (not to make a boat and sail away in search of happiness) but to make a bench out of part of it...
(now we are trying to persuade the males of the household that a bench is more valuable than firewood;)

This little bit of being buffeted, rough-housed, slipshod
Is all part of the journey on our return trip to God

This decanter of laughter when Nature applauds spring’s hour
And pours into uplifted winter-weary cups a flow’r

…and lets us learn how lows and highs of Having’s albatross
Will multiply our sorrow with the bearing of its loss

…how we are never too old to learn something new, and oh
The joy and grief of love is something we never outgrow

And all the while through smile and slight, through frown and flight we find
This little bit of life is far too swiftly left behind

© Janet Martin

We, I think, have always felt a kinship to trees, such as depicted in this wonderful music video

The Poetry of 'Oh My'!

Sometimes I see a limb of tree etched on dusk’s scrim of sky
And all that I can think to say is this, ‘oh my, oh, my’

Sometimes when wonderment of World captures enraptured sigh
The eloquence of poetry is simply ‘my, oh my’

Sometimes I want for words to fully the soul stirred descry
But all that falls from inept lips is this, ‘oh my, oh my’

Sometimes when my ‘oh my’ falls short on earth’s courtyard of sod
I look up to the sky and sigh ‘I thank you, thank You, God’

© Janet Martin

We weather the farewell of March's mangy, drenched lion knowing his roar untethers blooms! 

Who But God

Who but God, is all these things?

Oh my God, how great Thou art
He prospers the poor in spirit

© Janet Martin

Doesn't this truth cause you to weep and leap for joy?!

Inspired as I read this post 

Some songs about God's Greatness

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To Whom It May Concern and Why

I want to look life straight in the eye
Be who you see, with nothing to hide
I don’t want to be half-me, half-fraud
I want to live like today
Is the day I am meeting God

It’s not always easy to be who we are
The strike of a serpent can leave ugly scars
I want to live with conscience set free
From who I once was
Or who, without grace I would be

I want to laugh, without guilt's discontent
I want to preach what I practice, Lord-lent
I don’t want to blush with heart-pounding fear
Should someone uncover
The other me beneath my veneer

No, I want to meet life stride for stride
And live as if time was not on my side
Once I was lost, but now I’m set free
I want each day to say thank-you, God
From the one and only me

© Janet Martin

A Thank You Card~

Just in case we never
Get a chance to meet again
Though we have not
Met face to face
But heart to heart
Through Poem stirred
I’d like to thank you
For this friendship
Wrought by naught but pen
And for the blessing
Of your presence
On this porch of word

© Janet Martin

A little thank-you card from me to you,
Whether newcomer or old-timer ;-)~

No, I'm not quitting. Just thanking:)