Monday, July 15, 2013

Half-moon Heaven

Half-moon wafts
Where the half-sun drips
A pink haze fading on footprints of Time
Dusk-song is soft
As it silently slips
Over the edge of its ethereal clime

Dew-dirge descends
With cooling caress
Where zephyr-song surges and heat waves recede
This new day ends
Just like all the rest
A medley of moments we cannot retrieve

Twilight to midnight
Is mid-summer heaven
Sultry surrender of harsh noon-day noise
Beneath half-moon light
We lay down our burdens
Touching the shimmer of summer-night joys

© Janet Martin

I kept looking back to watch the sun slip out of sight, as I returned from a bike ride in the gentler cool of the evening. It was HOT today. Tonight is tranquil.

(I wanted to write 'where cricket-song surges, but the crickets have not begun their prelude to Autumn...and that's okay!;)


  1. Beautiful Janet! The beauty of the moon never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Hi Lisa, Me too! Isn't that the way it is with creation? Its wonder never ceases!


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