Saturday, February 1, 2014

What We Have...

What we have is all we have
What was and what will be
Are merely hopes, before what is
Becomes a memory

What we have, my love, is more
Than we can fully taste
For moments offer no encore
As through our grasp they haste

Both good and ill pass through our clutch
How quietly Time slips
To grace a shore beyond our touch
Save for thought’s finger-tips

…and what we have is all we have
Pray that we do not miss
Its fullness rushing to a grave
Of what no longer is

© Janet Martin

I love to look back to photos (and memories) of what once was...
but not too long, lest I miss what now is!

Happy February, all!
(ps-s-s-t! this is the month before the month that leads to this...!

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