Monday, February 17, 2014

Beyond Ice-cobbled Pond

The shroud of dusk tonight is brusque
Its air a bleak, mutinous growl
Of glowering empowering
The gloom dripping from winter’s jowl

Cold, cold the dell where frigid knell
Of bluster-blue incumbency
Deploys dissent; its regiment
A bold, bullying enemy

Somewhere beyond ice-cobbled pond
Where reeds in petrified repose
Wait out its will and grueling chill,
A soft and sweeter zephyr blows

It is the child of Winter-wild
He plays beyond this early dark
Where soon we’ll hear the cherub-cheer
Of children playing in the park

© Janet Martin

Tonight the wind is a roving rebel-rouser; harbinger to another dumping of snow!

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